Day: 15 Dec, 2017

In Search Of Friends | Sheela Writes

In Search Of A Friend

Who knew it’d be so elusive? That thing called a friend, or friends.   I really do not have anything new to update since I began my adventures, I confess.  You know.  On Wednesday.  When I shared my comical “friendless” state and the slew of new (and unbidden) knowledge I’d recently acquired in the areas of today’s dating scene? W A I T N O, T H A T’S N O T T R U E I actually do have a few tales to tell. Funny ones. Story of my life. Faux Fur Jacket (UrbanOG) | Camo Pants (c/o F21) | Biker Booties (Bakers) | Bra & Oversized Sunnies (Poshmark) | Choker (c/o ManicPanic) | Lipstick (22 @ Kylie Cosmetics) After my online adventures, I decided to go old school.  My first move was to smile at some of the ladies at the gym.  I think I must have scared the shit out of them because in all the five years we’ve seen each other, I’ve done nothing but walk the opposite direction when I …