Day: 26 Jan, 2018

Sheela Writes | Self Reflection - Questions To Ask Yourself, Part 2

Self Reflection – Questions To Ask Yourself, Part 2

Examining oneself. Mentally. Emotionally. Externally.   Second in a(n immensely prolonged) tri-part post series, this theme of looking inwardly as a means to dissect, review and discern is completely inspired by something Chriselle published on New Year’s Eve.  My opening thoughts were shared here, and today, as promised, I’m going to reveal Questions 4 to 6, and my responses thereto. I apologise for the crazy gap in between posts, but my work website is finally up!!  It only took working around the clock for 18 months GRIN it went live when I was away in Dallas for a tradeshow and, as you can imagine, there were countless things to debug. Kinks to unkink. As always, the words you’re going to read aren’t necessarily pretty and they’re most certainly neither glossed over nor sugar-coated.  I am nothing if not blunt and truthful when it comes to my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and I realise not everyone is on board with this approach (fact: 33 people unsubscribed from my blog when this post came online). That being said, …