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The Fab 40s In Velvet

Smooth as butter.

Plush as a king’s ransom.


Hurray, the Fab 40s are reunited.

A N D    I T    F E E L S    S O    G O O D

Remember when I talked about taking time out from collaborations and projects because they, well, draining and taking me away from my real love?  That is to write whatever my heart desires and not based on what a preset schedule dictated?  That was last May and since then, whilst I appreciate the freedom to express myself in whichever directi0n my soul felt so inclined, I’ve also come to appreciate (and miss) the structure of a pre-determined timeline.  I’ve felt somewhat utterly lost like a ship sans its rudder.  There was nothing to nudge kick my ass into gear and put my thoughts onto posts.

But above all.

I’ve missed Jennie and Annie and Mary.  And Veronica (get well soon, babe).  Also Diane and Sam even if they are no longer part of this collaboration, they’re still my friends in their 40s who remain oh so fabulous.

I’ve missed them a lot.

The camaraderie that has been forged over the years.  The mutual healthy obsession with clothes and accessories and the overall industry of style as well as aesthetics.

So it was a no brainer to get things started again in 2018.

Sometimes out with the old and in with the new is apt.  In this instance, it’s more along the lines of how things simply get better over time.

For the resurrected edition of the Fab 40s, we’re lining things up a wee bit differently.  Previously, it was in alphabetical order.  This time around, we’re basing turns on birthdays.  I love how Jennie phrased it, “Our new order goes by age versus alphabetically each month so we can all have our maximum number of times before we transition out of the group.”  In that spirit, she got to pick the theme for our return to the fray.

Velvet.  In all its regal splendour.

And a beautiful theme it is.  I went all out.  As did Annie and Jennie, while Mary as well as Suzy (our lovely guest) showed us the lovely art of strategically using velvet to accent one’s outfit.  You’ll understand what I’m saying as you scroll further.

More is more. 

Less can also be more.

It’s really up to you and how you want to play it.

 V E L V E T    C A N    B E    V E R Y    V E R S A T I L E

Join me now in gushing over my fellow Fab 40 females, in their individual interpretations of what it means to be a princess.

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

I loved Jennie’s outfit so much that right after she emailed the group this photo, I went and bought myself the precise same suit so we are now, as she rightly puts it, velvet paisley twins.  One thing I must say about Jennie.  Whatever theme that month may proclaim, she commits wholeheartedly and always comes up with the most yummy of looks.

Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

Another outfit that is near and dear to my heart is the divine dress Annie is sporting.  Could it be that I too own this precise little frock (ahem, good taste flocks together?) or, and I think perhaps more so, is the fact that she looks absolutely gorgeous in it.  So fresh and new and, in the words of Isaac Mizrahi, so relevant and now, darling.

Mary, Curly Byrdie Chirps

Here, Mary beautifully demonstrates how effective velvet is in not just adding texture to an already lovely look but also ups the quotient in both style and level of sophistication.  The combination of pink + blue has always had a special place in my heart, and this outfit here is a perfect visual example of why that is so.  I especially adore the glorious details of her little bag.

For this month, we have the gorgeous, gorgeous Suzy as our guest.

I need to dissect her look to understand how Suzy managed to create an outfit that is, all at once, youthful and sophisticated and fun.  Achieving one of those on its own is tough enough, accomplishing all three at once is simply pure sartorial genius.

And, of course, there’s me.  Back with a velvety vengeance.

Velvet Kimono (c/o Forever21) | Velvet Corset Boots (c/o ShoeDazzle) | Velvet Drawstring Pouch (Zara) | Black Dress (purchased in Singapore) | Bra & Sunnies (Poshmark)


Do you like velvet too?

Have you missed the Fab 40s as well?  Say yes or my heart will be broken GRIN


Love, Sheela


p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


  1. Suzy Turner says

    What a wonderful post, Sheela! It was clear that you were ready for the group to start up again. And I’m so glad it did, because to be the first guest of the year is magical! Thank you so much for featuring me and for writing such wonderfully warm comments about my outfit. I’ve never thought of myself as a sartorial genius (LOL) but for this one outfit, which just seemed to click together, I’ll take it 😉
    You look utterly breathtaking Sheela! I’d love to be able to carry off those boots like you do MWAH ❤
    Suzy xx


  2. Goodness, woman! I thought this was look was fierce from the back… Then I see the front and I am blown away. You definitely brought it this month in a way only you can. I am so glad we are all back together again. I missed you all and our monthly style fun. 🙂


  3. stinedurfdl says

    Holy ball of smokin’ hotness my beautiful friend!! You look simply ah-maze-ing! And I’m glad that all of you are back too. How about as soon as I saw Jennie’s suit today, I too was all over it, but alas, the pants are only available in black now…insert the sound of my heart breaking here…


  4. shelbeeontheedge1 says

    First of all, I am so excited to see you ladies back at it again! I always look forward to what you will cook up and serve for my fashion loving eyes! And velvet has been what I have been craving all winter long. I can’t get enough…sort of like pho noodle bowls…I could eat them every day…as I could wear something velvet every day. These boots, my friend, are spectacular. And your kimono kind of needs to find its way into my closet! Well done for the big resurrection of the Fab 40’s! I am excited to read the other posts…so I’m off now to do that!



  5. You are so genuinely stylish! These boots are fabulous on you…you can pull off so many unique pieces!


  6. Well hello again SexAy!! Sheela, your haute little number you! Thank you for bring us all back together. It feels so good–doesn’t it?!

    Love you.



  7. Sheela so glad to back and I am so obsessed with everything about this look! Can’t wait to see what Feb brings 🙂


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