Self Reflection – Questions To Ask Yourself, Part 3

The capacity for self scrutiny.

(Re)discovering purpose and essence.


At long last.

My third and final part of a series that was inspired by what Chriselle published on New Year’s Eve.  My opening thoughts were shared here, the follow-up here, and today, as promised, I’m revealing my responses to concluding Questions 7 to 9.

Honest. Raw. Zero filters.

L  E  T'S    G  0,    B  A  B  Y

Self Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela Writes

7. Who has helped me, been influential, or impacted my life last year?

This one is easy.  And fairly predictable.  I would say my husband, Pierluigi, and my daughter, Eve.  They are so different in personality but completely identical in being my champions, my number one fans.  And truthful ones at that.  Equally forthcoming with the bricks as well as the bouquets (albeit the former would be dished out in a delicate fashion to preserve my feelings, but dished out nonetheless).

From every perspective be it professional or personal.

Physical or emotional.

I would wither away and die without them.

Self Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela Writes

8. What am I really proud of?

A number of things.

In no particular order.

Losing over 120lbs over the course of 18 months.  Now that was really (so not) fun but utterly liberating, to say the least.

Partnering with the most amazing brands including Zotos and Kérastase and Forever 21 and Christian Siriano and Nyx Lipsticks and Famous Footwear and Nike and MAC and Osea Malibu.

Attending New York Fashion Week.  With my baby girl.

Then watching said baby girl start her life at university.  And flourish.  That one takes the cake.  Although I know I shouldn’t possibly claim all the any credit for this since she basically achieved it all on her own, I’m still going to list it as one of my proudest moments ever.

Taking huge steps to make friends.  And even if those endeavours did not quite yield the results I was seeking, hey, I tried.  I forced myself out of my bubble, joined communities, downloaded apps (those were interesting to say the least), and attempted to “connect” with like-minded people.  With varying degrees of success, I suppose you could say GRIN read about my adventures here, here and here, and formulate your own conclusions.

Self Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela Writes

Sweater (part of a set c/o StyleWe)  Colour-Block Ankle Booties, Michael Kors Bag & Sunglasses (Poshmark) | Faux Fur Stole & Leather Culottes (Forever 21)

9. Is everything I have done last year in alignment with my big dream or goal?


T H E    M I L L I O N    D O L L A R    Q U E S T I O N

To which I do not yet have an answer.

I think know I am on the right path.  Moving along the appropriate route but I am fully aware that there leaves much to be desired in terms of the speed in which I am navigating my way along this path.  Much to be desired.

It is as my husband claims.  I fear success.  I fear the changes that inevitably come with achieving prominence and awareness.  And it is because of this fear that I believe I’ve been intentionally sabotaging my own growth and success and expansion.  Staying where I am because, well, because it’s comfortable.  It’s safe.

But it certainly doesn’t pay the bills, does it?

I need to sit down and ask myself where I want to take this blog, this business.  Do I want it to be a side-hustle for ever?  Or am I in it because I really believe I have something worthwhile to say and share?  And get paid for?

Do I want  it enough to stop making excuses for not posting regularly?  And actually create an editorial line-up that makes sense, is realistic, and something I would actually follow?  I don’t have any answer for you (or for me) at this very moment but I will soon.  I have to.

Self Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela WritesSelf Reflection Part 3 | Sheela Writes

And that, my friends, concludes a tri-part sharing deal that was supposed to have ended in the first week of January.  See what I meant about being committed to a posting schedule?  Don’t forget to read Eve’s version of this.

Was I far too revealing?

Did I share too much?

How would you have answered these questions yourself?


Love, Sheela

p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa and yes, these were taken ages ago, a year back actually

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6 Replies to “Self Reflection – Questions To Ask Yourself, Part 3”

  1. I do think part of the advantage of blogging, is being able to create your own schedule. Why should you have to stick to one that doesn’t work for you? Because you are truly so introspective, that inspiration can’t always come when you want it, right?
    Besides, your amazing spirit lights up my day when I see a post from you—it’s almost like a great surprise!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If I were you, I would follow your dreams – or at least make some dreams regarding the blog lol. Your writing is incredible, Sheela and your photos absolutely dreamy. Not to mention your style. Girl… your style is insane!! I love it!
    Hugs from your friend in Portugal ❤
    Suzy xx


  3. I am always so glad to see a post from you Sheela, especially when it is so raw and genuine like today’s. I have to read questions 1 through 6 too and girl I think I will challenge myself to answer these same questions too so stay tuned for a post. I absolutely love your style and even more your writing so I hope to see more from you soon. This outfit is on fire. Such nice trousers and as always killer heels. And my friend you should be so very proud of your amazing Eve!

    Thank you for linking up with me this week and for your honest answers to my post “Thoughts on Style”. I have recently started writing some poetry on my blog too and I would love to see what you think especially as I know how well you write and how much you appreciate writing. TAKE CARE AND ENJOY THE WEEKEND! Ada. =)


  4. I just left a very long comment and now I don’t know if it actually went through, but I don’t want to duplicate it either!


  5. And I don’t think it did it got through, so let me try it again…if I can remember it all…

    So you and I are like writing soul mates, I think. And I feel that same fear of success as you do. In my writing especially. As you know I have been laying it all out there lately, exposing my heart, my soul, my vulnerabilities. That is a scary journey, but a very rewarding one, too. I once had a professor tell me that if I was not scared of this type of work that I do, then he would be concerned. Because it is heavy stuff and it should be treated as such. He also told me that in my writing I walk a fine line between sharing just enough and too much, leaving my readers wondering, questioning, and wanting more. You do the same! And that is a wonderful talent, my friend. So I propose to you that we make a good old fashioned pinky swear…you and I are going to put the fears aside and we are going share our talents with the world and embrace this writing life with all we’ve got! It is scary, but man is it fulfilling! Love you, my friend!



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