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(How) The Fab 40 Ladies Stay Warm & Stylish

My New York moment.

Immortalised and multiplied.


Isn’t it amazing how far one can come, and without even realising it?

For those who are new to Sheela’s world, when I first began writing on this blog, my images were taken by my daughter, Eve, with my iPhone, and lord knows she did her level best but they were very different from the glossy numbers which currently dot the cyber pages of Sheela Writes.  Glossy, colourful photos of yours truly strutting and pouting (and occasionally also guffawing her head off), walking to the beat of my own drum on the streets of New York City.

A far cry indeed, from those hasty shots snapped in between her finishing up homework and my preparing dinner, in (the comfort and safety of) my (oh so private) backyard.  My poor baby, a tough time I did give her.

I    L O V E    Y O U,    B O O ! ! !

So imagine how tickled pink I am, to present to you today, our second installment of The Fab 40s featuring me (and mah ladies), clad in pastel pink and black, parading in a perfectly nonchalant fashion along 8th Avenue, just adjacent to Times Square, with nary a care in the world.

A pastel pink and black ensemble in my current go-to combination of big, fuzzy, statement coat paired with something monochromatic underneath in a supremely contrasting colour, finished off with kickass boots.

Keeps me warm.  And toasty.  And as snug as a bug in a rug.

Whilst looking stylish.

And that is the theme for this month’s rendition of The Fab 40s.

Looking stylish and staying warm during this erratic weather.

Which isn’t quite as simple as one might think.  I know I’ve personally had quite the challenge adapting to the whims and fancies of our crazy unpredictable Houston weather.  Why, we’ve had four snowfalls in the past two months alone, imagine that!!!  While over in the North Pole, it’s 40 degrees warmer now than the same time a year ago.

Thankfully, when Ann came up with this theme, I was in New York where (as we know) it’s consistently damn cold all day long, all Winter long.  In fact, when I was there, it got no warmer than -2 Celsius for the most part so dressing for this month’s theme was easier for me.


Oh what fun we had with this one.

By the by, I’m laughing so hard because we’d been trying so hard to get nice, clean shots but there was always one photo bomber after another after another and yet another.  Finally, I just threw my arms up in resignation, and took a more casual approach.

Anyway, we all adopted the, “more is more” route.

A N D    W E N T   T O   T O W N

Join me now in gushing over my fellow Fab 40 females, and their individual interpretations of what it means to be dressed stylishly even as they’re staying nice and warm.

Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

Ann | Kremb de la Kremb

She looks like that colour-obssessed lady who makes wearing rainbow shades just look so damn cool.  What an amazing juxtaposition of textures and prints, and that backdrop is so super perfect too.  I’d say Ann’s look isn’t just stylish and warm, it’s also fun!!

Mary, Curly Byrdie Chirps

How uber cool does Mary look in this look that screams, “I just threw this together”??  Infinitely casual with that denim jumpsuit then we have the fur stole as well as opulent blazer adding immeasurable dollops of street cool.  And leather gloves for extra ooomph.

Suzy, Suzy Turner

Suzy | Suzy Turner

Yes, we voted unanimously to have Suzy as a permanent member of the Fab 40s for too many reasons to delve into but mainly because she’s just that cool. I’m a HUGE fan of how she’s incorporated bright, brilliant colours into her outfit.

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Jennie | A Pocketful of Polka Dots

I look at Jennie and I instantly think jetsetter.  I mean, that fur coat.  And those leggings.  And them sunnies.  Those delicate touches of gilded gold.  How her quilted bag instantly adds plush.  There’s a beautiful luxe vibe to the entire outfit that is very appealing.

Our guest blogger this month is none other than the shoot-straight-from-the-hip Ashley from Fancy Stuff & Pretty Things.  I’m quite impressed with how someone could make low heels (read: less than 3″) look that good.  It helps that she’s the complete opposite of being vertically challenged as I am, of course, but I do feel it requires a certain sense of savoir faire to make Mary Janes, flats, and anything with a chunky heel appear sophisticated and chic.

Ashley | Fancy Stuff & Pretty Things

I’m fully appreciating how Ashley went for a business look with no fur nor oversized coat in sight.  Love love love.

And, of course, there’s me.

Suddenly realising that I’m wearing the very same pair of boots from last month’s theme. Oy.

Blush Faux Fur Jacket (c/o Forever21) | Violet Velvet Corset Boots (c/o ShoeDazzle) | Purple Eelskin Crossbody & Sweater (Vintage) | Velvet Shorts (H&M)


How do you stay warm AND stylish??

Are you the oversized jacket sort?

Or not?


Love, Sheela


p/s my photos are by Sofia Touassa

I link up here.


    • Thank you so much!!! And I love those boots. They may appear to be sky high but in truth, they’re immensely comfy.


  1. I want to go to NYFW so badly Sheela! What fun pictures! I love all the laughing ones. So cute of you!! It must be hilarious really. How is Blaire getting all her shots?

    A x


    • Hahaha!! Those are my husband and Eve’s faves too 🙂 apparently, I look adorable when I laugh (rolling eyes). And you should come to NYFW, it’s an eye-opening experience. This September could very well be my swan song, we shall see.

      p/s sorry, who’s Blaire again?


  2. Jodie says

    Of course, I’ll tell you that the laughing shots are my fave….because it makes everyone smile. And how can you be on the streets of New York without a ton of other people…ha ha!!


    • Hahahaha right?? And yes you can, actually. There are loads of corners and nooks, all of which are immensely backdrop-worthy plus the time of day also plays a huge part. When I was there this time around, we intentionally shot when it was peak hour just to capture the vibe of the city which is, in essence, its (cohorts) of people 🙂


    • Hahahaha thank you, Stephanie. I think my gesture of “whatever, let’s go with the flow here” resonates perfectly with your current post, huh? What I’d expected (or perhaps more accurately, hoped for) versus the reality of what really transpired 🙂 at the end of the day, we choose which fires to put out, we choose which battles to fight, and we choose which ones we’re okay with just letting go xoxo


  3. Suzy Turner says

    Sheela, you look FREAKING GORGEOUS!! And how cool that you were in New York too. You seriously look like you belong right there, in that fabulous coat, fabulous boots and shorts. And those photos of you laughing are simply the best!

    Suzy xx


    • Thank you so very much, Suzy!! I had a wonderful, wondrous time, especially because Eve joined me over the weekend for her first ever Fashion Week, and we were able to experience so many things together. Photos of me laughing are rare and far between GRIN oops, did I just that do that??? xoxo


  4. Super glam and ready for the runway! You dressed so stylishly for this theme and for NYFW all around. I am swooning over your fabulous faux fur pink coat and, of course, those amazing purple velvet boots! Another great theme for the record books. Also, as I was reading and remembering your blog photo journey I couldn’t help but think, “You’ve come along way, baby.” and I am thrilled for you and your journey.


    • Me too, Jenny!! I still can’t believe I’ve ventured that far out and away from my backyard, and geographically-speaking too 🙂 I remember the first time I stepped out of my (literal) comfort zone, and took shots at the nearby park. I was so damn conscious and shy and awkward hahahaha!!! I changed with towels in my windows so no one could see in, and chose the simplest outfits so I could do it quickly, and get the hell out of there 😛 I really appreciate your kind words, my friend, I honestly felt so out of my depths this time around in NYFW, I felt that it was a tough season for any blogger who was above 35 years old, in many ways. It was a world wherein photographers could make or shatter your self-esteem, far more so than previously. Sigh. It was an interesting experience from past seasons, I must say xoxoxo


  5. You have come a long way from iPhone pics dearest Sheela. I cringe at my first 2-3 year of posts and horrible indoor photos. Not that my photos are that great now but way way way better. And so is my style I’d like to think. Your style and writing improves every time and I am in awe by both how you chain your words together and how you make THAT STYLE OF SHORTS look super hot. Those boots are hot, hot and sizzling, babe! You are meant to work New York city for NYFW in that outfit! Plus the fur coat and your beaming laughter take the cake! I am glad you included the candid shots, too.

    Welcome by and join my special Celebration Thursday Moda linkup today! It is a good one, plus I think you’d like my look today. 😉 Thank you and have a great weekend! Ada =)


    • Thank you SO much, Ada!! Wanna know something? My husband HATES those shorts with a passion hahahaha he feels they look tortured and odd and weird and it’s just not his deal GRIN I debated for the longest time about showing those candid shots, to be honest. I always show a specific side of me, and only that, and displaying my goofy side felt like I was exposing myself even more so than usual 🙂 I shall be off to your Thursday Moda in a jiffy!! Just need to pack for Vegas (nope, it’s for work so nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds) xoxoxo

      p/s the man has been trying to “persuade” me to not bring those shorts with me to Vegas HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I kid you not!!! But Sheela is Sheela. I can only wear what makes ME happy.


  6. Yes, my friend, warm and cozy and fabulously stylish while looking brilliant in all your glory and laughter! I love this side of you…laughing and having fun! Being a permanent New York resident, I do believe I have mastered the art of staying warm and stylish all damn winter long. But practice very often does make perfect…and for a warm weather girl, you certainly nailed this look with no problem at all!



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