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A Velvet Suit & A Peek Into My Life 4

Peekaboo, again, world.

I’ve missed you ever so much.


Oh my goodness.  How long has it been?  Almost a full month since my last post.  Good lord.  I have been completely drowning under an ocean of work commitments, and finding myself in the pernicious position of needing to choose between sleep or blog when the sun goes down, and my cellphone stops ringing.  Or lighting up with text messages.  Thus far, clearly, I’ve chosen to try and catch some rest.  At the detriment of my writing, clearly.

Although sleep hasn’t been particularly affectionate either, opting to abandon me as I became (even closer) bosom buddies with insomnia.  Fact: I’ve been plagued by the inability to sleep since 12, 13 years old but it’s become much worse with age.  Back then, I could grapple and get around 5 to 6 hours of sleeps most nights.  These days, it’s a vicious cycle.  I don’t sleep a wink for 3 to 4 nights (as in zero sleep) then pass out for the next 2, perhaps 3 nights, then rewind, replay.

I T ' S    B E E N    R O U G H

One other thing I’ve noticed is that the longer I put off writing, the harder it became to get back into the swing of things.  SO SO SO I need to get my shit together, girlfriends!!!

Alright, what exciting and fabulous things have been happening in my life since that last post?  Well, the man and I attended an expo in Vegas earlier this month.  Now now, that truly wasn’t quite as fun and glamorous as it sounds but all things said and done, we had a nice time together.  We really did.

The expo began on Monday so we decided to fly in the Friday evening before, to get a weekend of pure R&R and play tourist.  First thing on the list?  Dinner at Buddy V’s Ristorante (yup, that Buddy).  It was alright.  Not too bad.  Nothing extraordinary, nothing too spectacular, it was decent food.  The ambience was much too noisey for us but the decor was adorable.  Photos of him and his children and his sisters and their families and his mother dotted the walls.  The dessert menu was a simple stack of laminated photos showing how the Cake Boss came to be, Buddy Senior, and special family festivities.  Adorable. To me, that was the standout item of the evening, of that entire place.

The next day, we walked the strip.  We walked, and we walked, and we walked.  For six straight hours.  My feet, they were not happy with me.  My heart, it was not happy with the husband because he proposed a “short walk“.  Angry face.  Anyway, we passed out for a nap thereafter, and woke up just in time to watch Zumanity by Cirque de Soleil.  Now that was an interesting show AHEM we had a couch seat right beside the stage so everything was in full view, and up close.  Really, truly up close.  Every freckle.  Every bead of sweat.  Every micro strand of body hair.

On Sunday, we began the day with an AH-MAZING buffet at The Buffet @The Wynn.  Imagine if the rainbow world of Willy Wonka had a baby with Alice’s Wonderland, and you’d be just about one colourful ball away from describing this place.  It was beyond being insta-worthy, I swear.  Two hours of dining and oohing and aahing promptly ensued, and if you follow me on Instagram (you really should 😛 I’m @sheelagoh), you’d probably have caught the numerous photos as well as videos I took. Oh oh oh and there’s an equally charming, flower-embellished carousel in the lobby to further entice and beguile you.

Tummies appropriately stuffed, we headed towards the MGM for my CSI: The Experience (claps hands ever so happily).

Granted it wasn’t precisely rocket science but we had loads of fun solving two crimes.  There was evidence collection, and mini labs (comparing tyre thread marks, studying bullet rifling, DNA matching, amongst others), and, at the end, we took photos, and even graduated with diplomas!!!  For any crime show buff, you cannot not come here.

That night, another show.  A smidge less RA this time around.  Blue Man Group at the Luxor.  It was very entertaining.  The music was fabulous, a lot of acoustics and percussions.  But fair warning to anyone intending to watch this, DO NOT BE LATE.  They (literally) shine the spotlight on you if you show up late.  Spotlight.  Music.  Spotlight.  Sirens.  Poor-couple-that-sat-three-rows-behind-us-who-came-in-20-minutes-after-the-show-began.  I doubt they will ever EVER be late for anything like this EVER again.

Next morning, we had a photo shoot with Sofia (who flew in to Vegas especially for us, thank you!!) right along the strip, and that was very cool.  It was a shoot both for the blog as well as my daytime job, and I have to say I was very tickled at the sight of the man attempting to strut casually even as the camera shutter was furiously clicking away!!!  I’ll give it to him though, my man, he did a fine job.  A damn fine job.

Then the fun officially stopped because the expo officially started GRIN

And then we came home.

And now to the actual business of the day, I am super duper pleased to announce a super duper collaboration with my fierce fabulous sisters, Jennie (you know her from The Fab 40s) as well as Debbie (you’ve seen her in Project Sister Act when we profiled the SWT).  We are collectively parading the colour purple, the paisley print, and the all powerful pant suit.  The one and the same purple paisley pant suit.  In plush velvet no less.  Come see our interpretation of day looks.

Jennie (a pocketful of polka dots)

She was the catalyst for this project, truth be told.  Some of you may have seen her don this exquisite outfit in a previous Fab 40s post, and that was so gorgeous to behold that both Debbie and I immediately got on board, and bought ourselves a suit each.  And tadah, the collaboration was born.  How crisp and professional and empowered does Jennie look, I ask you?  Take note of that exquisite fishnet peeking out from under her leg cuffs, and that brooch.

Debbie (fashion fairy dust)

Jennie provided the muse, Debbie came up with the idea of us three coming together for this project so credit has to absolutely go to this awesome woman.  And never does she disappoint in terms of upping up the rockstar-on-vacation look.  I mean, look stare long and hard at her.  So chill and sleek and uber cool complete with choker and flaming hair.  Beautifully polished even as she exudes that I-just-threw-this-thing-together-in-5-seconds-flat vibe.

And Sheela makes three.  Is it not fairly interesting to note how my outfit is, in essence, a combination of Jennie’s and Debbie’s?  The white button-down?  Those in-your-face-fuchsia ankle booties?  How much more alike can great minds be?? 😛

On top of all this magical wondrousness of our paisley partnership, as part of today’s special feature, I’m also immensely happy to co-host Fabulous Friday, Jennie’s weekly Link-Up thingamajig. I doubt it’s any secret just how much I adore Jennie, and the way she dresses.  And how her outfits are always the perfect blends of femininity with bohemian and/or preppy, with touches of edge.  I mean, I’ve never tried to hide my admiration for her sartorial choices.  If you’ve never before been, I highly recommend that you mouse over to Jennie’s blog right this moment.  It’s called A Pocketful Of Polka Dots (like how positively charming is that), and trust me when I say you shan’t regret it.

An InLinkz Link-up

By the by, I was also asked to pick my fave from last Friday’s Link-Up Party, and that prize goes to Ashley of Le Stylo Rouge.  Does she not look FANTABULOUS?  A woman after my own heart, with the leather and the sequins and the headpiece and that dark lipstick.  Oooh girl.

Le Stylo Rouge

And that’s it.  For now.   But before you go, don’t you forget to link-up.

An InLinkz Link-up




Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sheri Abdul

I link up here.


  1. aquamarinastyle says

    You are ROCKing this suit, Sheela! You three ladies all look amazing in your ways! Love your boots and ruffled shirt!!


  2. I truly loved this collaboration with you two amazing women. It so fun to see how we each our own spin on this suit and I certainly received inspiration from each of you. Now I want a ruffled shirt so I can do a Prince/Sheela interpretation! I also enjoyed reading about your trip to Vegas. Sounds as though you had an amazing time. Finally, love these photos! The ones on the bus are too cool. Looking so forward to next week!


  3. This suit! You three! I am dying in a swoon of affection for all of this! And I do feel your pain, my friend, with the sleep battle! Menopause is killing my sleep game, for sure, these days. 4-5 hours maximum with multiple bathroom wake up calls….then the 3 am ants in my pants that leave me tossing and turning until I finally give up and get up at 5 am. Ugh. But you look fabulous nonetheless!



  4. I had to come over here, Sheela and check out how you styled your velvet after seeing Jennie and Debbie! All three of you are absolutely stunning! My hubby battles sleeplessness as well. It really sucks that at the time of life we could use more sleep, we don’t get it! – Amy


  5. Oh wow, love this suit. I saw Jennie’s and Debbies but I never clicked on it was the same suit. I love how you all styled it and made it look different with your own style.

    Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Have a great week and we hope to see you soon.


  6. You look gorgeous lady! That suit is amazing. I love the pink pumps. And, it sounds like you had an amazing trip! I love how you showed other ladies wearing the same thing. So many ways to rock it. ❤️ Jamie



  7. This was such a great collaboration! The pants suit is so fun and the three of you styled it to perfection! I love how each of you really infused your personality into your outfit!


  8. mummabstylish says

    This suit is amazing, it look fabulous on especially with your stunning shoes – what a super blast of pink! Lovely to see Debbie, and Jennie both styling this beauty too.
    Also thank you so much for linking up on my first #chicandstylish link party. Jacqui


  9. So sorry to hear about your sleeping issue. Have you gotten help for it? I hope it gets sorted out soon! And I couldn’t agree about taking a break from writing. It is hard to get into the swing of things. I’m sure you will be able to get back into the groove!



  10. Kate says

    So sorry to hear about your sleep issues, yikes. That’s got to be rough. Loved seeing that fab suit on all you ladies, way to make it your own! The bold lip looks so good on you too

    XO, Kate


  11. stinedurfdl says

    This was seriously one of my favorite collabs ever! “Rockstar on vacation”….I so love that description! But you my friend knocked this out of the park with your riff on Prince-ly perfection. I can’t wait to see this week’s look…you never cease to leave me in awe!


  12. Suzy Turner says

    OMG Sheela, you look FREAKING GORGEOUS!! You always manage to look insanely amazing… every. single. time. How do you do it?! These photos are simple stunning too. And those boots…. aaaargh. I’m like a crazy fan or something lol!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve organised for the next Fab 40s next week!
    Huge hugs, my friend,
    Suzy xx
    P.S Hi there! As last week’s Thursday Moda co-host, I also wanted to pop over to thank you so much for linking up. Have a wonderful week!


  13. glassofglam says

    There’s so much I love about this post WHERE DO I BEGIN!? The velvet pantsuit collab is, to use your word, “fantabulous”! I am impressed that you’re able to do so much and look incredible on so little sleep. I guess you have a lot of practice! I’m headed to the Wynn in July, and I can’t wait to experience this whimsical buffet!


  14. So glad you are baaaack! And ROCKING this velvet paisley suit!

    Thank you so much for your feature, lady! You are too kind. 🙂 I’m so glad you dug the look!

    Le Stylo Rouge


  15. Sheree says

    I love the velvet suit, the colors are great and so is the fit, I like how you paired it with a bright pink shoe!

    ~xo Sheree


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