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A Velvet Suit For Play & Other Things

Hello there, friends.

I’m so glad you’ve returned.


Today’s post is going to be a short one, because I’m headed off to Dallas for a wedding and to see my boo (happy face, happy heart).  But I wanted to talk about something which has been bothering me for a while now.

I know quite a few of you take your own photos, and an equally large number, hire photographers to do the job, myself belonging to that latter category.  And for those in the same camp as me, I want to know your thoughts about working with the same photographer, consistently and continuously.

H O W    D O    Y O U    F E E L   A B O U T   T H A T ?

On one hand, it’s so much easier when you keep working with the same person.

You learn each other’s quirks, what sort of poses and movements work (or more importantly, do not), and over time, a sense of ease sets in, shoots are fast, concise and efficient.

Just like any relationship, there is comfort in the familiar.

And as with any relationship, it also begins to get harder separating work from personal things.

Very hard.

On the other hand, working with someone new (or several someones, for that matter) can be both a trial as well as an exciting process.

Even as you need to learn, all over again, what makes them tick, the manner in which they shoot, shutter speeds (which dictates how fast you change poses), their individual strong points (some excel in close-ups and portraiture whilst others are far better at full body and/or artistic/editorial imagery), there is much to be said about not sticking to one same shutterbug.

Least of all the complications that arise when your relationship evolves from work to friend.

For reals.

It’s something I personally (and very recently) experienced.

An abrupt change in photographers due to (seemingly unknown) reasons.

In other words, my regular photographer and I became friends (as we’d been shooting together for two years), and one day, out of the blue, we were no longer friends, and I found myself without a lensman.

And it’s a good thing.  A blessing in disguise.  I am now working with several photographers, each with wildly different styles yet all completely in line with my brand aesthetics, my style.  I am now able to explore new things (be it poses or backdrops or vibes) and I’m really loving where things are headed.  Still I am curious.  Would you work with different people?  Would you prefer to stick to one?  How would you keep things professional when it’s that very relationship status that makes a longterm “familiarity” between you and him/her?

Onto happier things, I am exhilarated to announce a super duper collaboration with my fierce fabulous sisters, Jennie (you know her from The Fab 40s) as well as Debbie (you’ve seen her in Project Sister Act when we profiled the SWT).  Remember last Friday (oh my god, has it been a week already?) when we collectively parading the colour purple, the paisley print, and the all powerful pant suit for day?  Well, today, more fun times as we showcase that SAME suit, for PLAY.  Come see.

Jennie (a pocketful of polka dots)

Remember how she was the catalyst for this project?  Look at her now.  All sharp and sassy and grunge!!  I never thought I would ever EVER use that word in relation to Jennie and her outfits, if I am to be completely honest GRIN but from the artfully tousled hair to the dramatic jewellery to the sequinned top and shoes-that-I-am-positively-dying-for, this outfit is SO hardcore play that I can’t even handle it.

Debbie (fashion fairy dust)

I repeat, rockstar-on-vacation look.  Seriously, yo.  Who else would’ve dreamed of putting sneakers into the equation when creating an outfit based on PLAY?  Look at how effortless Debbie’s outfit is.  Note the nonchalantly unzipped pant cuffs.  That addition of an easy, breezy blue button-down.  And pay extra special attention to Ms Debbie Harry right there, the perfect finishing touch to a very I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I’m-already-slayin’-it look.

And Sheela makes three.  Nip slip utterly unintended but is now immortalised as part of my rendition of pant suit for PLAY, complete with metal studded choker and KISS-esque boots.  In my mind, nothing says PLAY quite like leather and hardware.

On top of all this magical wondrousness of our paisley partnership, as part of today’s special feature, I’m also immensely happy to co-host Fabulous Friday, Jennie’s weekly Link-Up thingamajig. I doubt it’s any secret just how much I adore Jennie, and the way she dresses.  And how her outfits are always the perfect blends of femininity with bohemian and/or preppy, with touches of edge.  I mean, I’ve never tried to hide my admiration for her sartorial choices.  If you’ve never before been, I highly recommend that you mouse over to Jennie’s blog right this moment.  It’s called A Pocketful Of Polka Dots (like how positively charming is that), and trust me when I say you shan’t regret it.

I got to pick a fave from last Friday’s Link-Up Party, and that prize goes to Ms Chanda.  I absolutely adore the in-your-face statement of her tee.  Most of all, I am absolutely in love with how bold and confident her entire outfit is yet it’s such a simple combo of white tee, well-cut pants and dramatic turban.  Of course it helps when one has sass and fierceness in spades!!

And that’s it.  For now.   But before you go, don’t you forget to link-up.  And don’t forget to tell me your thoughts on working relationships.




Love, Sheela

p/s photos by Sheri Abdul

I link up here.


  1. Jodie says

    It’s almost like dating…..you get totally different experiences. And for photography, that could be a great thing!
    As for the look! I can’t say anything that Jennie & Debbie haven’t already said, except I bow to you the mistress of surprise!!!!!


  2. I’m in love with this pant suit! The colors are beautiful, and I love how you gave it an extra edge! I take my own photos, so I’m not sure which I would prefer for a photographer. Although I’m more comfortable with consistency, it’s always fun to try something new every so often!


  3. What do you exactly mean by, I’ll keep this short!😂😂😂😂 you always have great things to talk about. I wish you a good time in Dallas at the wedding!


  4. stinedurfdl says

    Oh the insane hotness you are exuding my friend! And if these shots were done by a new photographer you are already hitting the groove together. I love that leather and hardware say “play” to you…everybody needs a little naughty in their lives! I am so glad we all did this collaboration together. It was seriously way too much fun! Enjoy yourself in Dallas!


  5. No Fear of Fashion says

    Well.. naughty you 😉. Love the suit and how you all styled it to who you are. Really good. Again lovely suit.
    Photographers? Hmm, no money, no time, ergo: husband is the one who has to do it. Nothing professional about his skills. Just wanting to please me.
    I find it odd that friendships just stop all of a sudden. Very unsatisfying.


  6. As you already know, I am just in awe of this look. So Hot and creative. The sheer dress over the pants is brilliant and I am loving how this worked with the platform boots. I had so much fun working with you and Debbie the past few weeks bringing this all together! We should definitely plan more fun in the future. 😉 I can see how working with multiple photographers would keep things fresh. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and just trying to get through a session. I recognize I need to push myself to try more with my own shots, which can be challenging in and of itself. XOXOX, Muah…


  7. Your sartorial, bold, creative choices never cease to amaze me and neither does the way you write! I am in love with the velvet paisley suit styled by all 3 of you, with Debbie’s outfit being my top favorite. But putting a sheer black dress underneath it and one with an asymmetric hem nevertheless, brings out the play element of this suit. I would have personally worn a black bra underneath it, but hey you rock it. Making those nipples proud!


  8. Oh my goodness, Sheela, I unfortunately have no advice or suggestions or anything worth while to contribute to your dilemma. I have friends who have become my photographers plus my husband does a lot of my photos as well. While I have had a few different friends shoot for me, I can relate to the different quirks and the way they each do things. And I definitely have a different comfort level with each of them, too. But that’s all I’ve got! On another note, these paisley velvet suits are just so amazing. I have loved them since I first saw one of you style it (I can’t remember who was first). In any event, I am featuring all 3 of you on my link up post tomorrow! Rock on, my friend.



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