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It’s Bagel Time

Baked goodies.

Breads. Donuts. Bagel Balls.


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One of the things I enjoy most about being a content producer is trying and testing new things.  Be they garments or cosmetics or skincare.  Whoever tells you that they don’t like love the perks of being a blogger or influencer is just lying through their teeth, I promise you.  It’s a glorious sensation being on the receiving end of things be they debuting or a golden oldie.  And whilst I don’t typically accept digestibles or foods, thanks to my numerous allergies, once in a (yummylicious) moon, I do.  When something incredibly unique or different pops up on the laptop screen and piques my interest.

Like Bagel Balls.

You heard me.

B A G E L    B A L L S

Imagine the level of curiousity I experienced when I first heard from Bantam Bagels.  I was like, “What on earth is a Bagel Ball??!!

Is it a bagel?

Is it a ball?

Is it a bagel shaped like a ball?

Or is it a ball-full of bagel???

The questions, they assaulted my mind.  How could something traditionally resembling the letter O be deconstructed, reworked, then refashioned into an object so rotund and circular, and stuffed with roly-poly goodness?

The timing of that email could not have been any more perfect had they installed bugs in my laptop to monitor my travel plans because, you see, yours truly was just about to head to New York for Fashion Week SS2018.  And to have some kind soul offer to deliver (a freshly baked) breakfast to me, right before I launch headlong into the frantic, harried frenzy that is show after show after show, was a welcome boon.  Blessing, even.

So I said, “Yes, please and thank you.


I mean, I know I’m (technically) allergic to wheat and yeast and eggs and gluten.  But a woman can put up with just about anything when it sounds this intriguing, yes?

So them Bagel Balls were promptly delivered to me, directly to my hotel no less (amazing service, you guys) in fresh-out-of-the-oven toasty warmness.  Prettily packed too, I might add. Up to my room I dashed, as quickly as those elevators could teleport this body, flung open the door with a flourish (well, more like with a hefty tug, a groan, and a final pull because that door was solid), and plonked myself down on the bed.

And the consumption commenced.

With relish and glee.

There were many fillings, my friend, and truth be told, I had to play a guessing game because portable and practical those boxes may be, they could’ve done with some way to identify which Bagel Ball contained what, you know?  That was the only thing lacking.

That aside, basing off the flavours that exploded on my tongue, I’d say my faves were the French Toast and Cookies & Milk Bagel Balls.  They were so tasty, I ate a total of five.  Yes, five.  My tummy, it was a-rumbling and unhappy.  It also outwardly showed its displeasure at my obvious disregard of my FODMAP rules because once the binging ceased, it too resembled a Bagel Ball.  Distended, and puffy, and equally rotund.  Ah well.

It was worth it.

Although I shall spare you pictures of that.

Don’t forget!!  Come back tomorrow.  I promise you shan’t regret it.



Love, Sheela

p/s this is a sponsored post but my opinion is always my own

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