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Millennium Bunny: Episode 2

Here she is again, friends.

The world according to Eve returns.


It’s that time of the week again when the Millennium Bunny aka Eve aka mah boo returns with her thoughts on random happenings, people and places in the world, with a bombass outfit to boot.  Bear with me on the quality of the photos, my new camera and I are only just starting to get to know each other.

Why Millennium Bunny?

Eve is a Millennium born in 1999.

And in the year of le lapin 🙂

Today, Eve talks about Trump, high school cliques, and sex offenders.

1. On the Trump administration.

I’ll be honest, I am not expert of the Trump administration and what they’ve done thus far. But there are, however, many things that he has done that do not sit well with me. For starters, Ivanka Trump. Is it not at all inappropriate for her to be part of his administration? Not to mention that one time when Kellyanne Conway told viewers to buy her clothing. I was like, “Huh?”

And then there was the constant firing and hiring of people on Trump’s staff. That wasn’t at all sketchy.

And of course the scandalous travel ban. This in particular affected my family and I. While Malaysia, which is where my grandparents are (a predominately Muslim country), isn’t on the list (as of this moment), it’s sad to think that visitation is almost impossible to achieve. And of course I’ve got to mention that freaking wall. The wall that was built was the one in Germany. And that was after one of the worst world wars. I feel as though a wall will only antagonize, and therefore be seen as a challenge, by immigrants who wish to pass without going through the proper process. As an immigrant myself, I definitely feel for those who are desperate in their attempts to enter America and are struggling to find success.

I do, however, find it a little unfair when some are allowed to stay despite coming into the country illegally. Especially since it took my mother and I the majority of my childhood to get our own green cards. There does need to be a solution for illegal immigration. But I don’t think building a wall is the right idea.

2. On high school cliques.

Oh, cliques (was that a sigh of exasperation? frustration?)

Well, it’s a way of establishing who you are and provides a sense of belonging. Is it always a bad thing? No. But is it always a good thing either? Hell no. It’s all nice and sunshiney when you have a clique and you’re with them. But when you don’t, it’s absolute hell. It’s one of the worst kinds of loneliness that anyone could ever endure. It’s because most cliques are incredibly exclusive, so many kids feel as though they must fit into any group’s mold to ensure that they’ll have a group. Otherwise students might find themselves alone and ostracized for being who they are and/or not being a carbon copy of their fellow peers.

This is is the case for the majority. Or at least it was at my school.

But if you’re lucky enough, it’ll instead just be about finding people with common interests and values, while also welcoming other people who you just genuinely enjoy being around with.

3. On appropriate punishment for sex offenders.

Honestly, I have no sympathy for any type of sex offender.

I mean, what on earth could have happened to this person that they became so sick?

Therefore I think anything less than jail is unacceptable.

Not fines.

Not paroles.


P  R  E  A  C  H

Now tell me about this outfit you’re wearing, boo.

Why did you pair these items together?

Eve said, “I have been dying to wear this dress for a LONG time! But I could never find the right event for it or wanted to wear something else instead. But this dress is awesome. It gives off that Harajuku vibe, doesn’t it? Momma Bear picked it out at this indie boutique in Malaysia last summer. It kind of makes me feel like a version of Gwen Stefani. I paired it with these adorable sneakers by Vans that I’ve only ever worn once. This outfit makes me feel like one of those little kickass Harajuku dolls, but darker.”

That’s it for this episode of  The Millennium Bunny.  In you missed the pilot piece, here it is.

Next week, Eve will be telling us more about her obsession with pachyderms, why she creates moodboards, and how she feels about the royal wedding.   With perhaps an insight or three into why she absolutely adores The Greatest Showman. As well as another bombass outfit.  You know, if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask her, to (attempt to) understand things from a teenager’s perspective, fire away.  Leave a comment below.

See you Friday.



Love, Sheela

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