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The Fab 40s In Culottes

Culottes. Breeches.

Gauchos. Jodhpurs. Whatchamacallits.


(I want to begin by extending a HUGE apology to my fellow fab 40 ladies, because this post is two days late, my blog was literally inaccessible since Sunday night because of technical issues, I couldn’t even get to the dashboard, and had to work with WordPress support via phone to resolve the problem, please forgive me ladies, please, this has NEVER happened before and I am so not a techie, it was really frustrating, but here we are, finally)

Of late, I seem to be at a loss for words to say.  I’ve been staring at the screen since Thursday, and it’s already Sunday evening.  I’m not sure why that is.  I have the thoughts running through my mind but somewhere along the way, it would appear, they’re all jumbled up.  Like internet connectivity on a bad weather day, you know?  I don’t understand it though.  I don’t think I’ve ever been speechless.

Or is it wordless, when it comes to writing?

D O    Y O U    K N O W    T H E    A N S W E R?

Anyway, the point is that when I first thought of this post, I couldn’t think beyond the fact that (a) I certainly did not want to write something about culottes, their origins/history, the numerous variations thereof; and (b) neither did I want to write about why I used to loathe them with a passion.  So what was left, I asked myself?

Then I thought perhaps I could spin this in a different manner.

I want to talk about how, before my blog was born (and apparently, even after), I wouldn’t touch culottes with a 10 foot pole.  I mean, the last time I wore a pair was at the age of 13, and those looked like riding breeches.  In a nondescript pea-soup-shade-of-murky-greige.  Alas, it was not a fashion statement pair.  What can I say, I was at that I-want-to-fade-into-obscurity phase of teenage life.

Never did I remotely think that over three decades later, not only would I put on a pair of culottes again (here and here), but that I would wear it for a global audience.  My younger self would be shaking her head in grave disbelief.  No, make that utter shock.

And I can understand why.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in culottes in front of family and friends but hey, I’m good with flaunting them on the Internet, for the entire blogosphere to see.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Which leads to the crux of this tale.

Many of us started blogging to experiment with wonderful, different things to wear.  Using our special, personal space on the world wide web as a visual diary, logging and chronicling the things we did, the food we ate, the workouts that actually, well, worked, and, of course, the clothes we wore.  Dreamt of wearing.  Or were afraid to wear.

And how is it that the very outfits which send us spiralling into a state of consternation in our real world lives, we have zero qualms in parading them upon the biggest stage imaginable.

I’ll tell you my thought process.

If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

For reals.

(that guy with the dogs? he offered the adorable Harriet and Mr Bear as accessories, of course I said yes, the pooches weren’t too keen though so he had to pose with them)

Isn’t that the oddest?

That it wasn’t actually the blog which gave me confidence to assemble never-before-tried outfit combinations (or colours, for that matter, yes, I’m one of those who insists there are varying shades of black and I have to own all of them), it was the premise of no physical person being around to see me, judge me.  The absence of a tangible audience emboldened me.

L I B E R A T E D    M E

Does that happen to you too?

And now, we come to this month’s edition of The Fab 40s.  It was my turn to pick a theme, so I decided to go with culottes. Like why not.  I maintain a healthy dislike for them but at the same time, the concept of wearing pants that mimic skirts that feel as comfy as pants, well, that’s a proposition is isn’t easily turned down GRIN so hello culottes.  My fellow fabulous friends were equally intrigued (sorry, Jenny, I made you go shopping #sorrynotsorry), and their individual interpretations R-O-C-K.

Come see.

Suzy, Suzy Turner

Suzy | Suzy Turner

I am in absolute awe of how Suzy went from Gloria Vanderbilt to hip Pocahontas (if Pocahontas had a pixie cut, that is) in the blink of an eye.  Such an unexpected pairing of suede with denim here.  My fave touch is that divine tribal necklace.

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Jennie | A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Who else thinks “spunky” or “sassy” when they’re looking at this beautiful shot of Jennie?  Isn’t she the absolute bomb?  Equal parts sexy and fun, I’m pretty sure this is my favourite outfit for the month.  Those pretty stripes? It’s like she’s wearing a rainbow.

Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

Anne | Kremb de la Kremb

This is also my fave outfit of the month. Hey, a woman can have two in one same post!! I mean, how could anyone not love polka dots?? In graphic black and white, no less, with those groovy sunnies providing a vibrant pop of red.

Mary, Curly Byrdie Chirps

Mary | Curly Byrdie Chirps

Confession, when I chose culottes as the theme, I had a teeny inkling that Mary might perhaps be wearing a jumpsuit.  Bham!! But it never crossed my mind that it’d be this delicate, super pretty baby blue number topped with that sleek white duster vest.

For this month, we have the chic and poised Kim as our guest.

Kim | The J'adore Couture

How beautiful is this photo, first of all?  It has a delicate, old world charm to it that speaks to my ancient soul.  I’ve been following Kim on Instagram for a while now.  You should too.  She has a style that is so effortless that I, well, in all honesty, quite envy and covet.  Effortless yet polished and sharp and, best of all, with a hint of wit that is so rare (and needed) in the sartorial playground these days.  Thank you so much for being a part of The Fab 40s this month, Kim!!!

And here’s me.

Blush Faux Leather Moto Jacket (Sans Souci) | Lace Camisole (OVS Italy) | B&W Striped Culottes (Poshmark) | Booties (Cicihot) | Choker (c/o Manic Panic NYC) | Sunnies (Goodwill)

This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to looking “corporate” and it almost did not make the cut.  Why, you ask?  Well, it just seemed a smidge too straitlaced.  Backing it up a little, the original composition comprised of a cropped cardigan which I very quickly discarded in favour of that blush moto jacket you now see.  Oh and an S&M looking choker for added effect.

How about you?

How has blogging boosted your sense of bravado?  Your confidence?  Your dare-to streak?


Love, Sheela

I link up here.


  1. Jodie says

    I can totally relate…culottes meant the 70’s to me, when my mom was touting equality and being overall embarrassing to a teenager!! So I was sure that a pair would never envelope my legs. Yet I have a couple pair, and actually consider them wonderful. Funny how our perspective can change if we are open to it!!
    I will admit that the ankle boots and ankle strap shoes of nowadays, make the culottes seem perfect (or is it the other way around??)


  2. The stranger things it with culottes! The first one I bought, about four years ago, I gave away after wearing it once. But then I saw my second one, and wanted to try to wear a culottes again. And after that I was hooked! I have four culottes now! Yours look fabulous and especially with those fantastic white boots!


  3. Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. But glad you finally got the post up! Those pants are fabulous on you!


  4. It’s true, the blog opens your eyes to a world of sartorial possibilities,and you find yourself venturing out of your comfort zone more readily than ever before. I think the striped culottes look gorgeous on you, so much that I’d run out and add a pair to my own closet. And I love the guy and the dogs, too funny!!


  5. Blogging is indeed liberating Sheela, I have to agree. And thank goodness for that! Imagine where we would be stylewise if we hadn’t taken this particular leap of faith?
    Like you, I had a time when I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing these odd lengthed trousers and here I am, like you, more than happy to cavort around in them. You look stylish as ever my dear and by the way, certainly aren’t coming across as either speechless or wordless – fluent as always and a delight to read too.

    So lovely to chat x


  6. mummabstylish says

    I love wearing culottes and have quite a few! Your outfit is super cool, and has got me searching for stripy culottes like yours. Thanks for joining my #linkup too. Jacqui Mummabstylish


  7. I still can’t bring myself to wear culottes because I find them to look weird on me, like my legs are out of proportion. LOL! You look absolutely stunning though, the white boots looks great!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity


  8. AHHH, I am in love with your culottes! SO flattering on you!!!

    Black Coffee Beautiful


  9. Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom says

    I have been seeing more and more culottes lately! I love those white chic boots and how fun that the guy offered his adorable pups up as ‘accessories’! Ha! Love it.



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  11. You look fabulous in culottes hun! Sorry to hear about the tech issues but glad to see your blog is back and running. I have writer’s block all the time but I’d rather read about the real thoughts behind the blogger than just the outfit 🙂
    xo Samantha


  12. You look absolutely FANTASTIC Sheela – I feel inspired to recreate this look, despite the fact that I am not an avid fan of culottes either!!! I’ve worn them here & there, usually because it is something else about the style/pattern (the two pairs I currently have are also striped) of them that I do like – but I have always felt like they look unflattering on my frame/stature…
    Joi |


  13. You seriously rocked those culottes. I used to wear culottes when I was little and I never thought I would rock them again. I bought a pair and they are so much fun to wear! I don’t know what changed for me to think they are cool again or whatever but I love them!


  14. Culottes are a difficult thing to wear but you pull off this look flawlessly. I love the way you have style this. The blush motorcycle jacket and cami is perfect. Those white boots are something I can dream about. Now let’s talk about your thought process. There are new ones and intense. I like the way you think sweet lady. !
    I recently had wordpress issues too and I am convinced there is something going on that worries me a bit. My doctors office was hacked this week, as well as one of the apps that I use. Curious and Couriouser !


  15. I haven’t quite gotten my head wrapped around culottes to be honest. I see them and I think they are beautiful just like how it fits on you but when I myself try it on, it doesn’t seem to look quite right! But I love this striped culottes on you. You seriously make it look amazing and I love those white booties you paired them with!

    Maureen |


  16. Truth be told, I’m still quite scared of culottes! LOL I still can’t get round to wearing any, I just feel too curvy right now to experiment with such a difficult style. Although I have to admit, after seeing you and the other lovely ladies looking fab in culottes I just might get the courage eventually 😉

    By the way, sorry to hear about your tech issues! It has happened quite a few times to me actually, mostly because I’m the techie type and constantly mess with my site under the hood, which occasionally results in a few mishaps. Probably it was an incompatibility between plugins or something similar. No worries, such things happen even to the best of bloggers xx


  17. thestylesplash says

    I steered clear of culottes for years too, but now I love them. The white boots and blush moto jacket look fabulous with the stripes. Sorry to hear you’ve had tech problems – I get so frustrated when it happens to me!

    Emma xxx


  18. I was totally with ya- I couldn’t STAND culottes and never thought I’d wear ’em… and now, I really like the style. The key for me is a shoe with some height- like your fab white booties!

    Le Stylo Rouge


  19. Sheela, I Love this look! The blush looks beautiful against your black and white. Gah, I want those amazing boots! Now I am seriously trying to find some similar black and white culottes. 🙂 So thrilled you liked my look for this challenging style prompt. I promise I am now hooked on culottes. Haha!


  20. I’m glad you got the technical issues sorted! I am not a culotte fan but I know they are such a popular piece at the moment – everyone else (including yourself) seem to rock them so easily!

    Hope that you are having a lovely week and you have a good weekend ahead of you 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  21. (Ok, I am going to try again. This time I will copy what I write just to be sure!)

    My memories of culottes also stem from my childhood. In the 80s I can remember three identical pairs of culottes my mom would rotate through her wardrobe: a bold fuchsia pair, a very bright turquoise pair, and maybe it was an orangish yellow pair. It’s like there was a special on all these bright clothes. I can remember my mom pairing her identical colored boxy cropped cotton tops with the said culottes. It must have been a mix and match special or something. That was the first memory I have of the culotte style. To this day culottes or capri pants are all that my 5’4″ mother wears.

    My first pair of culottes were bought at the budget of all budget stores: Shopko. I love this pair of culottes; I’ve even dyed them black once just to keep them in tip top shape. Today I plan to go home and see if I fit into these pants. They’re my go-to weight measurement. Wish me luck! They’re perfect because they have this thick waistband that holds everything in. See–here they are first style on Kremb de la Kremb with polka dots back when I had beautiful long locks like you. The post is simply called “Culottes.” It’s the same blouse I wore in the picture shown up above. Some things just last and last: ! black cotton culottes and polka dot blouses

    Now what are we going to do about this month? I’m completely stumped for sure! How about you?

    This was fun twinning Fab 40er!!

    Love, Annie


    • I tried on the said culottes. I’m about, oh, 2-3 maybe 4 inches away. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to fit into those babies! Oh well. One day. PMA=Positive Mental Attitude! Right? Right.

      A x


  22. No Fear of Fashion says

    Lovethis outfit. All the Fab 40’s outfits. Like you I hate culottes or wide cropped trousers. Why would I want to visually make my legs shorter? Never, ever wore them. Yet, this week’s post on my blog shows me in a bright orange suit. With cropped wide trousers. When I look at all of you, I think : “but it does look good, perhaps it looks good on me too?”
    I do wear this to work and to friends as well. Not just on the blog. And yes blogging has changed my style to more brave. Definitely.
    PS and I am drooling over your white boots. I am such a sucker for white boots and these are the top.


  23. shelbeeontheedge1 says

    As much as you may continue to dislike culottes, you are rocking them in the most fabulous way! I have some personal issues with culottes myself and wide leg pants in general. If they are long and wide legged, I will trip and fall. It is inevitable. It happens all the time. It is one of my many curses! But still I will try out all trends and fashions and styles for the sole sake of trying new things and things outside of my comfort zone. And while I did possess a higher than average level of confidence before blogging, my confidence has certainly increased exponentially over the past 3 years of this blogging journey. I don’t know if I can credit the blog entirely or if it is just age and experience and wisdom…but the blog has been part of my growing journey for sure. You look fantastic in these striking black and white culottes and the moto jacket is the perfect edgy pairing. And of course, I am loving your boots!



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