What Makes You, You?

Ya, boo.

What makes you, you?


A simple prompt from the awesome Jodie, about the versatility of denim, gave rise to the question of what makes you, you.  Is it your external self with its specific composition of water, protein, connective tissue, fats, bones, carbohydrates and DNA?  Or, conversely, is it how that external facade is packaged namely dress style, trimmings (body art, ink, etc), hair colour?

Or, as a third alternative. is it how we think and behave that dictates and makes us who we are?  Our moral guidelines, our moral code?  Our beliefs?

Could it be all of the above?

I rather think so.

After all, at the end of the day, our physical selves take instructions from our minds, our emotions.  How we feel manifests itself into how we conduct ourselves, how we appear in the eyes of the world.

As I explain myself, I am also reminded of an impromptu conversation with a friend, Michael, just a fortnight ago.  This oh so articulate and creative friend revealed how he’d often visualise himself as the lead character in fictional scenarios.  Fictional and ever-changing scenarios based on his current mood, whims and fancies.  Now while he may have done so to further boost his passion for screenwriting, it occurred to me how real life is a carbon copy of just that, i.e., all those curveballs thrown our way?  Well, they too fashion us into who we are, at that specific season of our lives.

I know, I know, trust Sheela to come up with something so elaborate and thought-provoking based off on a desire to showcase the humble denim jeans beyond stereotypical expectations.  I couldn’t stick to the bare basics even if I wanted to, and apparently I never want to GRIN

But back to the question at hand.

What makes you, you?

If there’s one thing I’ve discerned over the years seasons of my existence, it’s that the core of being Sheela lies in authenticity.  Being true to who I am.  Even if at times I don’t quite like who I am.  Or the things I’ve done.  Every decision I’ve made, every turn I’ve taken (or not), I can safely attest has, for the most part, been grounded in who I am, what I stand for, and the reasons behind why I’ve done things the way I have.

You are the decisions you make. 

Or, as is often the case, possessing the courage to make a decision.

Not your instincts, not your thoughts, not your beliefs, only actions.

In this particular instance, however, there wasn’t anything quite sage-like a motive behind pulling on a pair of jeans.  It was strictly a sartorial-conscious decision in ensuring I complied with the theme Jodie and I had concocted up, albeit I am 24 hours late (forgive me, please, Jodie and Eve, clearly advanced scheduling is not will never be my forte).

When we decided to cast the spotlight on jeans for this particular collaboration, the idea was to showcase how denim would fare under both casual as well as fancy circumstances.  Today (and yesterday for those ladies who can actually meet a deadline), the humble pair takes on a slightly dressed-down attitude.

Come see what “dressed-down” in jeans means to each of us.

Eve, Teens (the world according to eve)

Eve | The World According To Eve

So much to love and covet in this look.  I’ll confess, I bought those jeans for me, but then when they arrived, they were such an Eve pair that it was a no-brainer to hand it over.  From the plaid shirt to the distressed rips to those tuxedo stripes and colour-blocking patches to adorable star appliques on her foots, there’s SO much going on here that it borders on the style schizophrenic.  And don’t they all look absolutely killer on Eve??

Sheela, 40s (sheela writes)

Yellow so not mellow.  And rips lined up like a stairway to style heaven.  Heh.  I tried.

Jodie, 50s (jodie’s touch of style)

Jodie | Jodie's Touch Of Style

How does this woman always look so relaxed and poised and sweat-free?  It would so irksome if I didn’t like love her to bits.  A casual kimono and the sweetest top, both in China blue + white make for such a soothing palette.  Then you throw in the starkness of dark-washed jeans, and a fashion paradox is born. Give it to Jodie to infuse little dollops of flirt in tassel earrings, bohemian bag, and pretty-in-pink wedges.

Charlotte, 80s (jodie’s touch of style)

Charlotte | Jodie's Touch Of Style

I’ve said it MULTIPLE times, I love this woman.  Her style is defined but never boring, never predictable, as clearly evident from her wearing that most adorable of floral necklaces with a classic gingham blazer.  Charlotte does not shy away from colour (another reason why she’s #goals) but also does not use it for the sake of being a walking rainbow.  Here, the pops of colours are ever so strategically placed.  Yes, I’m gushing, sue me.

And there you have it.

Casual jeans.  Not quite Summer-weather-friendly but for the sake of a brief photoshoot, we survived.  Once the lens cap was placed back onto the camera, I ditched my heels and moto jacket, braided the hair, and replaced my Bowie tee with a sleeveless tank #bless

How do you denim it down?


Love, Sheela

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8 Replies to “What Makes You, You?”

  1. Always something to tell right!
    I hardly ever wear denim, I’ve got one jeans. It’s because I live in denim country. Everyone who doesn’t care about their looks, wears denim here. So I see it as boring and non creativity. That is for my fellow Dutchys. Not for my American friends of course!


  2. What makes me me is knowing that I’m responsible for myself and my actions, to me that the freedom that makes us able to grow as people…knowing that we are free to choose what we want to be, realizing that we can continue to evolve.

    I do agree with what you wrote. We are a sum of things, genetics and environment play a part for sure. Our beliefs, emotions, culture, identity and thoughts…or those things are important…but ultimately perhaps we are what we choose to be?

    I love your yellow jacket. Fabulous jeans as well!


  3. LOVE the thoughtful post, Sheela! Your posts always make me think…
    Needless to say, I’m totally IN LOVE with your outfit. The jeans are gorgeous, but what I’m totally coveting are those incredible shoes and that FANTASTIC yellow jacket!! You certainly know how to put an outfit together, my friend. And you always look SO YOU which I just ADORE ❤
    Suzy xxx


  4. I applaud authenticity every single time! Staying true, genuine, honest, raw, real, no matter how ugly that can sometimes get…it is who we are. And every day consists of a series of decisions…we make them, we own them, and we live with the consequences of them. This is the essence of us….a complete and wonderful compilation of everything we do, say, think, believe, and decide. Great topic for discussion, my friend. Equally great outfit! You are killing it in these amazing jeans, that screaming bold moto jacket and those fabulous shoes. Sartorial perfection!



  5. I’ve been doing my ancestry recently and it’s incredible when you see your own nose in a portrait 100’s of years ago – so genetics for sure. Then there are behavioural – and time and time again I’m am surprised how attitudes filter through the generations. However, with so many branches linking to us of course we are unique. Then there are the times we live in, which moulds is even more. I did a genetic course at university, and it’s believed that your behaviours can influence the genes you carry and then you can pass them on to your children. It’s fascinating! xx ps LOVE your look Sheela – it’s fabulous!


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