Am I Really A Blogger If I Wear Sweatpants All The Time?

Yes, am I?

Begs the question, eh?


There used to be a time when I would get dressed up every day.  Perhaps less of dressed to the nines, and more of dressed for work at the PR agency where I led a 7-member team.  So yes, I’d wake up by 6am.  Feed Eve (told you it was a while ago), make sure she had everything ready and the maid was duly briefed on what to cook for the day.  Shower, curl my hair, apply some make-up (which, at the time, was blusher, blue eyeliner as well as blue mascara, and pink lipstick, cringe).  Try on one outfit.  Take it off.  Try on yet another.  Still not right, pull on something else.


Nothing worked, and by now, there are piles of clothes strewn all over the floor. A frantic glance at my cellphone tells me it’s past 8:30, I’m still traipsing around in my undies, and if I don’t get dressed right that moment, I’m going to be royally late for work.  To provide perspective, back then, I was working in Singapore and commuting was hell.  Public transport hell, that is.  Some people used the MRT, some (fortunate few) drove (cars cost about the same as a house there) yet some others, like me, cabbed it.  What that means is a 20-minute drive would evolve into approximately an hour’s journey, from calling for a taxi to waiting for said taxi, to ploughing through vehicle after vehicle on the highways, to finally reaching my destination.  All the while desperately praying I made it there before my (arse of a) boss, but that’s a tale for another time.

These days, I am up anywhere between 6am to 7.30am, depending on what the day looks like in terms of meetings/conference calls and deadlines.  Typically, I’ll come downstairs for a coffee (it’s true, you know, what they say when they proclaim, “but first coffee”), check my emails and respond to the urgent ones.  Then I take a shower, brush my teeth, and apply my skincare (perhaps it ought to be, “but first the face”?).  I continue working, still in my sweatpants (the ones I slept in), until around 1pm when (if I remember), I stop for lunch and another shower (I’m one of those people who shower around three times a day, to be honest).  Afterwards, I might put on a cleaner pair of sweatpants (and they’ll be the ones I’ll go to sleep in that night), and essentially that’s my sartorial schedule when I’m working from home.

Blessedly, the style blogger whose daily uniform is comprised of comfy tee with comfier sweatpants, when they’re not posting outfit shots, is nothing new. It’s a line I’ve heard pour forth from many a fashion blogger, admitting that when it’s a no-need-to-meet-anyone-sort-of-day, it’s more than likely that sweats would be de rigueur as they work long hours, in a semi-disheveled state.

Yet, you wouldn’t know it, would you, since everything looks immaculate, all the time, on their blogs and social media.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s quite fabulous, playing dress up and adopting all sorts of different characters as well as personas each time I put on an outfit (that isn’t sweatpants, of course). It really is great, and offers me a means of escapism from my messy, unmade bed and even messier bedroom floor (yes, still strewn with clothes but this time, it’s because I recently moved so shush).  But it does make me wonder how much of my life can I really share as a style blogger since I’m in sweatpants whenever the camera’s no longer snapping away.  It’s rather like the “turning into a pumpkin” effect, I feel.

That after a certain time, I revert back to normal boring.  And am no longer interesting.  Could it be I’m overthinking things?  That people do want real life me?  Or perhaps we’re all so jaded and disenchanted with things happening around us that we crave escapisms, even if for only a little bit?

Or maybe, just maybe, everyone, everywhere is simply tired of agonising over what to wear all the time.  After all, the pendulum swings both ways.  We’ve all seen how, after years of the fashion industry trying to top itself in ridiculousness, or as Suzy Menkes noted, the Circus of Fashion where she complained that people wore crazy clothes to fashion shows in hopes of getting internet famous. Because you know, once you’re internet famous, your life is complete.

Or perhaps, fancy sweatpants are now a staple for fashionistas everywhere?  I don’t know, I don’t know.  Even writing that sentence makes me feel blasphemous.  Akin to committing a sartorial act of high treason.  I am very serious.

I feel as strongly about wearing sweatpants out as I do seeing people walking around with the word J U I C Y on their bums.  Like why (wait, is this something you guys would like to talk debate in a different post, as in why on earth would anyone want to wear something with the word JUICY spread across their asses??).

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make about sweatpants is that when fashion trends take a turn for the understated, what then happens to the conversation?  Does the conversation quiet down too? Do people move on to talk about other things because talking about how this pair of sweatpants is cool, but those pair of sweatpants are terrible, really does sound ridiculous?  Or, on the flipside of things, do we all suddenly remember how much more to life there is than looking good, even while wearing sweatpants?


And onward to something decidedly much more fun than my prose.  Today, I am immensely pleased to be a part of the Ageless Style Link-Up, an activity bringing together the loveliest of ladies every first Tuesday of the month.  There’s Daenel, Debbie, Jennie, Jodie, Janet, Kellyann, Lisa, Paula and Shelly.  Truth be told, I’ve legit been dying to be invited as a guest host ever since this party began and when Debbie (finally) emailed inviting me for December, I squeaked and I squealed and I jumped up and down!!!  So here I am, all clad in the month’s theme of Festive Outerwear, and absolutely over the moon to be a part of Ageless Style.


Don’t forget to join in the link-up, ok?  The party only begins when you’re here.  By the by, you may be asking why I’ve gone on about sweatpants, and yet chosen to not wear sweatpants in these photos.  It’s to keep you guessing, obviously GRIN plus I’m not quite cool enough to pull off sweatpants as festive wear so I chose to give that one a wide berth.

Come back Monday, friends, but until then, I’m out.


Love, Sheela

p/s I link up here.


10 Replies to “Am I Really A Blogger If I Wear Sweatpants All The Time?”

  1. It’s not just about what you’re wearing…it’s about how you present yourself to the masses. And needless to say you don’t go out in your sweatpants, so that’s saying something. At least that’s how I think about it.
    Because right now I’m in my footie pjs…..and I’ll get dressed today because we are going out later. But only because we are going out later….


  2. The conversation will never stop as long as creative people interpret fashion to their own style. I love your honesty – and I’m relieved to hear it – as one who gets up and at it by 6am but might not get dressed until 11! I’m always mortified when a parcel gets delivered and I feel as if I need to explain how many hours I have been working that morning, and I’m just off for a shower haha xx Maria


  3. An honest fashion blogger – yay!!!! most enjoyable. I. too, have been mortified to discover that it’s tea time, I’ve been working on the computer all day – and I’m still in my pjs. I’m not a fashion blogger, but still…….


  4. Great post Sheela. I think being a blogger has its upside but with that also it’s downs. For me, I get dressed when I feel like it. Half the time, I am in my sweats or PJs, staying at home with a kid will do that to you but even when I run errands there are days that I do wear my sweat pants. It’s just what I am comfiest in and that’s all that matters. At the end of the day, I have to be happy regardless of whether I am in sweats or not.

    Maureen |


  5. Well I am over the moon excited that you joined us! I love reading what you write and your style is so bad ass! I work from home now and many days opt for casual. I used to get dressed every single day and now I make it a goal to just shower every day. I feel better when I take care of myself and depending on the day that can mean many different things. Some days getting dressed is so fun and other days it’s a chore I don’t take part in! You are just fabulous Sheela!


  6. You have so many amazing things to say and you are skilled in putting it into words. You are definitely a blogger! I am in sweatpants right after dinner every night! Aren’t we all?!


  7. Oh my friend, I think that if we’re being honest most of us spend a majority of our lives in sweats. Like you, I have entire days when I’m wearing the sweats that I slept in. I have several pairs that I’ll dress up and wear out and about (even sometimes to work) and then I’ll turn around and sleep in at night. Our blogs are all about ideas and inspiration which is why I think we share the things that we don’t necessarily wear on the days we don’t leave the house. I’m so happy that you were our co-host this month as few people inspire me more than you do! xo


  8. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who wears sweatpants/PJs around the house when I don’t have to go out. It makes getting dressed up all the more enjoyable I think. I love those camo pants, they look amazing with the faux fur jacket and killer heels! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


  9. OMG! Sheela you look stunning – such great shots and what a fabulous outfit – Inspiration for us all!!! Thanks for sharing on #chicandstylish #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish


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