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The Fab 40s Enter An Apocalyptic Age

When it’s the end of the world,

Would you fight or would you flee?


So when one thinks of the word, “Apocalypse“, images of destruction and bloody battles often come to mind.  Is it little wonder then that many of us, myself included, regularly miss that part wherein an apocalypse is also a revelation?  A discovery, and typically, of knowledge?  A vision of heavenly secrets which aims to make sense of earthly circumstances?

For the purposes of this blog post though, I would hazard a safe bet that Shelbee meant for apocalypse to be a revelation about the end of the world.

Doomsday, I’m guessing you could call it.

G O O D    V S    E V I L

A major confrontation between light and dark, destined to change the course of history.

Depending on which belief system you subscribe to, some anticipate that post the apocalypse, the world will be shattered into particles and cease to exist while others predict that a brand new one will resurface anew and fertile.

Whether you think the collapse of civilisation as we know it is imminent or not, the concept of rebirth and regeneration is a very real one, and applies to all of us.  Albeit the vast majority of us tend to leave this chrysalis process to the very last day of the year (read: me, always).  That isn’t to say that new year resolutions (as they tend to be named) are bad, they just seem so finite.  And life isn’t about that.  Life isn’t static.  Or stagnant.

Life is an improv show 24/7/365.

U N S C R I P T E D    A N D    S P O N T A N E O U S

Back to the topic of apocalypses and rebirths.

Tied in together, the two.  In order for one to exist, the other must occur.

So the way I look at it, this Apocalyptic Age?  It’s vital.  Whether we take it literally (please don’t) or figuratively, it’s absolutely vital to our evolution (I hate to use this word but it is legitimately the perfect one for the situation).  Our growth.  Our advancement as humans in the world as it currently stands.

And because of that, when Armageddon arrives, and the world enters into an apocalypse (which we could, technically, associate with today, the last day of the year), I intend to stay right where I am.  Physically and emotionally and mentally and spiritually.

Because this place?  This is where I am meant to be.

It may be scary.  Boring.  Exciting.  It may even be heartbreaking but it’s exactly the right place for me at this point in my life.  Apocalypse notwithstanding.  I’ll ignore that instinctive first response to fight and claw my way out with everything in me.  And also pay no heed to the follow-up reaction to flee, flee, flee.  Ha.  Those last two lines rhymed.

I intend to sit still.

I intend to let go.

I intend to experience it.

I intend to be me.

I also intend to have my Fab 40s Squad with me because we’d kick some serious butt.

I was reflecting upon how our relationship has grown (Jennie is an original founding member of the group, whilst Daenel is our latest fierce femme, and I respect them all equally and dearly for the most different of reasons) and how this group has been one of my constants over the last few years.

Should an apocalypse descend upon us, I’d like to think that we’d band together to weather it, and survive it.  Hell, we’d even scrummage through trash and pick wild berries (or mushrooms) for sustenance.

And amidst all this, I feel that we’d be the badass version of Spice Girls, to be honest.  I know, I know, those five Brit lasses have absolutely nothing to do with the end of the world BUT they are the embodiment of girl power.  And a message of empowerment emphasising the importance of strong and loyal friendship among females.  Fits perfectly, with or without the coming of doomsday.

We’re all so distinctly different, and we completely own it that difference.

If you needed more proof, here’s how we decided to dress up for when the Apocalyptic Age strikes.

Shelbee, Shelbee On The Edge

Shelbee is Sporty Spice in my books.  Feisty and gungho and ready to take on the world, be it one bullet at a time or, this is probably far more apt, one word at a time, being the gifted writer that she is.  I absolutely adore her outfit and would SO wear it on a regular basis.  I really would.  Just sans the rifle.

Daenel, Living Outside The Stacks

It may seem expected that I would think of Daenel as being Scary Spice but here’s why.  Daenel is a librarian and I’ve ALWAYS believed that true power lies neither in brute strength nor weaponry but in knowledge.  And that can only be gleaned from books (sorry, Wikipedia).  Hence Scary Spice because she’d be the wisest and smartest of us all.

Suzy, Suzy Turner

Suzy. Girl, you be spicy!!  You be Ginger Spice today.  With your sassy outfit and don’t-fuck-with-me-attitude and that killer axe.  Nuff said

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Jennie is undoubtedly Baby Spice.  Equally prepared with hugs as well as first aid kit, packed food and bottled water.  Plus she has this amazing quality to see (and appreciate)  the world with childlike wonder.  Plus I love your jacket, I was just commenting to Eve the other day that I don’t own a camo jacket.  Like how could it possibly be??

This month, we have Chrissy from Granola and Grace.  Such a lovely, lovely lady.  Isn’t it wonderful to see that while all our renditions of an apocalyptic outfit are vastly different, we all went with the same colour palette?  Just goes to show how we’re really aren’t all that disparate after all, doesn’t it?  Back to Chrissy, I adore that fuzzy green vest she’s got on.  It reminds me, simultaneously, of Snuffleupagus, the Swamp Creature, and a damn good camouflage for when hiding out in the woods, trying to stay alive.  I rather think she’s Posh Spice.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

And then there’s me.

Doing my best rendition of Auntie Entity of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome played by the one and only Tina Turner.  It was such a cold day for the shoot, and I was freezing my ass off in those bikini bottoms but hey, the photos turned out perfectly plus a fog was considerate enough to show up during the shoot.  Which Spice Girl am I?  Well, I’ll be Simon Fuller, the manager, but of course GRIN

Industrial Top (Lumme Designs) | Black Coat (Thrifted) | Bikini Bottom (Calzedonia) | Leather Knee High Boots (I forget) | Rings (Poshmark) | Weapons (scavenged on site)

Which of us would you be more like, friend?  Or would you be a new Spice Girl altogether?

Until Friday, friends, be well.


Love, Sheela

p/s I link up here.


  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says

    Oh my God, Sheela, these photos are so freaking amazing! That fog was very considerate to descend upon you at the perfect moment setting the perfect stage for these fabulous photos. And of course, if we were needing to fight for our lives at the end of whatever, I would want you gals on my side. My tribe, each with a different set of survival skills that when paired together would be more powerful than most. Such a fun theme! Who’s up next? I don’t even know!

    Happy New Year to you, my friend. Enjoy the ride and the place you are in right at this moment. It is the most fabulous place after all…the here and now! Love ya!



  2. Such a fun theme and your setting and outfit are so perfect! 🙂 Really great way to think of the end of the year too! 🙂

    Happy New Year! Hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and you’ve been having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog


  3. thestylesplash says

    These photos are stunning…straight out of Vogue! And my goodness, you’ve got great legs! I think I’ll just get off the sofa and do a few sets of squats 😉 Thanks for linking up, wishing you a fabulous 2019!

    Emma xxx


  4. Both you, Shelbee and Suzy killed it!! Your confidence shines through and I envy you for not giving a fuck and posing in bikini bottoms with fun edgy tall boots and layered shirts on top. You can seriously pull off anything!! And I am sure 2019 will show you (and Eve too) in more fun, sexy, edgy, bold, fabulous, modern and stylish outfits. Plus, as always I adore the way you write. Happy 2019 my beautiful bold fashion queen!! If you ever want to invite me as a guest on this series I would be honored!! 😊 I’d love to do it, Sheela. ❤


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