Denim Dreams

Denim, Denim,

Wherefore art thou?


Do you belong in the workplace?

These days, that’d be an emphatic affirmative, I’m certain.  Regardless of the nature of what you do, and the environment of your workplace.  Be it on a daily basis or as part of Casual Friday attire, denim definitely has a place in your working wardrobe.  And isn’t that a lovely thing?  Yes, even for someone like me who discovered blue jeans very late in life (hey, I’m making up for lost time as we speak, case in point, this post).

And so, when Debbie and I began chatting about working together (the last time, it was a trifecta of velvet goodness), we decided on good ole jeans.

As is often the case, my mind immediately leapt to several points of irony.

Once upon a time (4 years ago, to be precise), I posted an anti-denim project (with Ann) which, soon enough, paved the way for denim to be seen here but conservatively, i.e., heels.  That, in turn, opened the door for this sighting and another here.

Since then, denim (in all its renditions) have made quite the regular appearance in my outfits (here, here, also here and here, here, and here).

Which is why, when Debbie and I agreed upon jeans, I was determined to find a way to wear my pair with as many unexpected elements as I possibly could.  To make as different a statement in denim as I possibly could.  Hence the varied textures (soft silk + buttery smooth leather + heavy plaid) and jeans tucked into, hurray, embroidered denim booties.  Visual as well as tactile impact.

I believe I achieved just that but guess what?  So too my cool, fierce friend.

Why, we ended up just about twinning.  And I love that.

Take a look for yourself.

Never before, in the course of collaborating with someone, have our looks turned out with such similarities!!!  And not once did we share what we were planning.  Nary a hint.  Has that ever happened to you?  I mean, I’ve done plenty a project with Jodie, worked with Patti and Linda and, of course, Eve, but to witness the sartorial styles of all collaborators crossing paths in such synchronicity?

What a visual treat.

One I hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did, putting it together.  Which, I wonder, is the look you’d want to wear most?

Come back next week when I’ll have yet another something to share.


Love, Sheela

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