My Heart & Soul Belong To Soles

Give a woman the right pair of heels.

Then sit back, and watch her conquer the world.


Amen, sista.

I never thought I’d ever credit something so insightful to Ms Monroe GRIN insightful and evergreen with a dose of such unexpected humour.

But it’s so true, yes?

The perfect shoe design equipped with an equally perfect heel height makes for taking the most empowered of strides, figuratively as well as metaphorically.  As Michael always tells me, I am my sexiest when I’m feeling comfortable.  After all, comfort begets confidence, and confidence is the consequent vessel to sire a sense of power, a sense of empowerment.  A sense of f*ck you, self doubt, not today.

T H E    P O W E R    O F    A    G O O D    S H O E

I’ll be the first to admit to being somewhat obsessed with shoes, I mean, I think the whole world knows that by now so it truly doesn’t behoove the situation for me to even pretend that 99% of my outfits are created from the soles up.  They really are.  It’s always been that way for me.  Pick the shoe first and then figure out the rest of my look.  I mean, if there was a mood board created to represent me, a solid pair of shoes would be right smack in the centre!!!

But I was also wondering where this shoe mania came from.

If I am to look back into my growing up years, I know with dead certainty that it wasn’t an influence stemming from my mother.  She’s far more practical than I when it comes to footwear.  No, in fact, my earliest memory of craving a shoe was a pair an aunt wore.  She was married to my dad’s youngest brother at the time, and had these faux suede black pixie boots that were just sooooo cool. Elizabeth, yes, that was her name.  I remember that she could tell how my 13 year old self was literally drooling over those boots and, well, gave them to me.  We both knew her feet were 2 sizes too small but I squeezed my toesies in, and away we go.

And so it began.

Over the years, I’ve had many a shoe.


When I lived in Singapore, I housed the over 500 pairs I owned into a dedicated shoe room.  Each pair carefully wrapped with tissue (or shoe bag), and stored within its original box, with a Polaroid taped to the front of said box so I could see at first glance which pair was inside.  True story.  Then, my purchasing decisions were a smidge random.

With time, my taste buds have become more discerning.  Or, I suppose, you could infer that I’m stuck in a shoe style rut.  However you look at it, my choice of sole support is most definitely well defined these days.  I like a good ankle bootie.  Heels of no less than 4.5″.  A slight platform support for the arch.  And strong graphic lines.

Suffice to say, I was rather over the moon when Daenel suggested we picked a fave pair of shoes for the July rendition of the Fab 40s.  HURRAY.  This particular pair I’m showcasing?  It’s SO me.  In every possible way.

And take a look at those worn by my fierce fashionista friends.

Oh oh oh and please say the warmest of welcomes to DEE!!  She is the latest addition to our group and joins us all the way from three continents away.  India, to be specific.  Welcome aboard, my fellow South East Asian!!

Daenel, Living Outside The Stacks

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Suzy, Suzy Turner

Shelbee, Shelbee On The Edge

Dee, Dee Sayz

And then there’s me.

With my statement heels.

Graphic Ankle Booties (GX by Gwen Stefani) | Reversible Coat (Jagged Hanger) | Plaid Pants (NY & Co) | Lace Bodysuit (Victoria’s Secret) | Sunnies & Bangles (thrifted)

How many shoes do YOU have?

Until next time friends, go forth and conquer the world.


Love, Sheela

p/s I link up here.


7 Replies to “My Heart & Soul Belong To Soles”

  1. Sheela – why have i not stopped by for ages when I love to see your style and what you wear next!! My bad! I’ll be back again soon. This is so eye catching, I love it, but wouldn’t have the balls to wear it – go you! Jacqui Mummabstylish


  2. Sheela, like I said in my post, you look like you just stepped off the pages of Vogue! As always, you’re a style inspiration! Absolutely GORGEOUS, and I just love the story about your aunt’s pixie boots ❤


  3. The shoe passion really runs deep, doesn’t it? I can remember being 5 years and getting a new pair of sneakers. I was so excited about them that I went to bed with them snuggled in my arms. I have always been fascinated by footwear and the more unique and weird, the more I want them! Fabulous post, my friend. And you look smashing! I might need to look for a lace bodysuit like this. So sexy!



  4. I have 69 pairs. I sold one pair last week. One! Couldn’t bare it to sell more. I share your love for shoes. When I was about 10 or 11, I got a pair of wedges from a very cool neighbour. And I was so proud….. Until I fell from the stairs wearing them!


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