The Fab 40s Shirt Up

Sprucing up the shirtdress.

Making it fancy, schmancy, but still wearable.


I struggled with this month’s theme, shirtdresses.  I truly did, Dee.  Can’t lie.  And I don’t even know why that was so because I used to wear them.  All the time.  Perhaps the operative words, “used to” were a telling means to explain my conundrum.  Conversely, my mental block made no sense whatsoever given (1) the frequency with which shirtdresses had permeated my wardrobe in the past; and (2) their undeniable mega “slay” factor.

In my 20s, I practically lived in shirtdresses all the work week long.  Mostly in jersey so I didn’t have to iron them and mainly in blacks or browns.  Yes, I spent over three decades decked out primarily in black, channeling Mama Rei and bringing out The Crow in me.  As such, one would think I would’ve had an easy peasy time pulling together a look based on a button-down garment but that was not the case, my friends.

T I M E    T O    S H I R T    U P

Sheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To Say

Fact: I almost purchased five different shirtdresses for the #fab40s.  Fact:  I already own two shirtdresses, one brand new, and because of that (as well as the added expenses of settling Eve into her new apartment, love you boo), I refrained from clicking the Buy Now button.  Fact: I was so flustered by the theme that I couldn’t even assemble my outfit until the 19th, and even then, just before heading out for our photo shoot.

Faced with two shirtdresses on hand, one in white, the other olive green, I had to choose.

In truth, I was leaning towards the olive piece and simply because I hadn’t yet worn it (tags still merrily hanging from its collar) but I felt it was just a little too dark/heavy for August.

Which is why you now see this white number here.  I’ve worn it before, in its original state, in a six-way Yuletide #fashionfaceoff with Eve and Michael and Jodie (and her ladies).

Sheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To Say

Once I settled on the actual star piece, I knew how I wanted to present it.

Somewhat classic but still infused with my signature rock n roll somethin’ somethin’ extra.  In this case, the shirtdress with its crisp high collar is indeed immensely Grace Kelly-esque.  However, when buttoned only to the extent of maintaining one’s (bare minimal) modesty and then paired with ripped camo jeans, it’s instantly transformed into something a pop diva would wear.  Perhaps for brunch with Gaultier to review designs for our collaboration, or a meeting to discuss world domination.  Or to have a discreet private viewing of their latest collection in the nearby Bvlgari atelier.  Sipping rosé as tattoos on wrists and hands peek out discreetly.

At least, that’s how I see it GRIN

Sheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To SaySheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To Say

Despite the haste with which things came together, I think it went well.  I think.

I rather like the very blatant juxtaposition between my shirt(dress) and my scruffy skinnies.  Very much me, very much unapologetically flamboyant.

Come see what my ladies did in sprucing up their shirtdresses!!

Dee, Dee Sayz

Dee | Dee Sayz

They say that (at times) less is more, and in Dee’s case, truer words have not been spoken.  She’s letting the classic lines of her blue shirtdress speak for itself, whilst adding some equally elegant brown leather accessories to the mix.  Well done, lady.

Jennie, A Pocketful Of Polka Dots

Jennie | A Pocketful of Polka Dots

I can’t say which has caught my attention more.  The fact that Jenny had the genius idea to convert her shirtdress into something utterly completely transitional for Fall OR that divine backdrop she chose which is ever so reminiscent of Rome.

Suzy, Suzy Turner

Suzy | Suzy Turner

Sporty Spice. Hands down. Pure funk with that sassy animal print number, which is then infused with major dollops of street cred by virtue of her fire engine red kicks, Suzy is channeling her inner pop diva on vacay vibe.

Shelbee, Shelbee On The Edge

Shelbee | Shelbee On The Edge

Who else thinks Shelbee could give the greatest showman a run for his money?  The flamboyance and visual exuberance of her outfit this month is supreme eye candy, bar none. Such a fun rendition of how (else) to wear a shirtdress.

Daenel, Living Outside The Stacks

Daenel | Living Outside The Stacks

And then there’s me.

Completely dripping with sweat in these photos.  You have NO idea how many beads of sweat are dotting my forehead and my upper lip in these photos.

Sheela | Sheela Writes, I Have Things To Say

White Shirtdress (thrifted from Poshmark)  Heels (GX by Gwen Stefani) | Ripped Camo Skinny Jeans (NY&Co) | Hat (a gift from Eve) | Yellow Leather Cuff (c/o Unearthed)

Would you say a shirtdress is your friend?

Or foe?

Until next time friends, slay.


Love, Sheela

p/s I link up here.

pp/s all photos by Eve


4 Replies to “The Fab 40s Shirt Up”

  1. I am so in love with this look! Now I need to find a fitted white shirt dress like this. I have the camo jeans and I have the killer heels. I have a few white shirt dresses but they are much too boring to pull this off! This really did turn out to be a fantastic theme even in all the struggles…I think there are some of my favorite Fab 40’s looks of all time!



  2. That shirt dress is freaking gorgeous Sheela! I remember when you wore it before and I swooned over it then too! But my favourite thing about the outfit is, as you say, the juxtaposition of such a girlie shirt dress with those camo pants! Exactly the kind of outfit I adore!!
    Suzy xxx


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