Month: May 2020

How I Dress My Inner Child

How I Dress My Inner Child

  Hello there inner child, Can you hear me calling you??   It’s so nice to be back writing on the blog (and jumpstarting things with a post on how I dress my inner child).  I honestly can’t even recall the last time I posted something (wait, I do, it’s been seven long months).  I could tell you that a million things have happened since we last spoke, causing my extended absence  but that’d be an excuse.  The truth is I simply haven’t been able to write.  Each time I attempted to articulate my thoughts, I’d sit in front of my laptop and simply stare at the blank screen until I gave up.  I kept telling myself to step away.  To come back to it later when I felt as though I had something authentic to say.  And that was so wrong.  What I really ought to have done was to sit my ass down, and type away.  Yes, just that.  Type away, regardless of what nonsense I’d spew and allow the creative bits of …