How I Dress My Inner Child


Hello there inner child,

Can you hear me calling you??


It’s so nice to be back writing on the blog (and jumpstarting things with a post on how I dress my inner child).  I honestly can’t even recall the last time I posted something (wait, I do, it’s been seven long months).  I could tell you that a million things have happened since we last spoke, causing my extended absence  but that’d be an excuse.  The truth is I simply haven’t been able to write. 

Each time I attempted to articulate my thoughts, I’d sit in front of my laptop and simply stare at the blank screen until I gave up.  I kept telling myself to step away.  To come back to it later when I felt as though I had something authentic to say.  And that was so wrong.  What I really ought to have done was to sit my ass down, and type away.  Yes, just that.  Type away, regardless of what nonsense I’d spew and allow the creative bits of me to rise up.

And that’s precisely what I’m doing now. 

Happily sharing the inner sanctums of my mind as I let my inner child out to play.  Actually, no, it’s the other way around.  I’m unleashing my inner child on the world and the intense sense of liberation she’s bringing is, in turn, unfettering my words. 

How I Dress My Inner Child


I feel so good right now!!!

Alright, alright, I digress. 

With that, I’ve also arrived at the conclusion that my inner child is still pretty much how Sheela rolls on the outside.  I still yearn for a magical place overflowing with spells and lore.  Wherein cohorts of fairy folk are merrily traipsing on cobbled paths and gold paved pavements (the one same freeway home to Toyotas and carriages alike).

A place in which words hold magic and enchanted lands exist just beyond that lamp post (or within a ginormous wardrobe).  Some far off land wherein boarding schools practically come alive with hushed whispers and giggles midnight feasts run rampant.  Right alongside silly pranks, prefect badges and lacrosse matches.

A glorious world where simple train rides could lead to encounters with delightful talking animals and heroic quests to save the land.

How I Dress My Inner Child

Now, how precisely does a grown-ass woman from Borneo dress her inner child without sacrificing poise and class?  Nor a certain joie de vivre that (only) comes with having lived through a certain number of years?  I mean, no one wants to look like a old little girl but we’re not going for cute or kiddish or childish.  No no no, we’re shooting for esoteric instead (love that word, makes me feel/sound so smarticle).  An acquired taste which, whether you love it or hate it, there’s absolutely no way you’d ever forget it. 

First things first. 

What elements of my childhood have stayed with me to this day and influenced the style choices I’m presently making? 

My list then included the colours red and black (yes, even when I was a young ‘un) and hardware (zippers and metal accents have always held special spots in this ole heart).  And hats and plaid and pants.  And my hair tied in twos (ponytails, french braids, you name it, but always in pairs because I felt imbalanced otherwise) and velvet.  (Select) sparkly stuff (think pins and collar clips).  And shoes, always shoes.

Stop press.

Did I just describe myself now or did I just describe myself now?

How My Childhood Fantasies & Likes Influence My Style Choices

Here’s a side observation.  I firmly believe my strict, ultra conservative Catholic upbringing (complete with convent all girls school from kindy all the way to ‘A’ Levels, and gory fetuses floating in jars as part of the nuns’ “shock anti-abortion” tactic) has influenced my sartorial picks.  I kid you not. 

Just take a look at the pussy bow ties and ruffled sleeves I tend to favour.  Pleated mini skirts (whether it’s a Lolita homage or urging Britney to hit me one more time, these scream prep school in spades, no?) and sneakers.

Dear lord.

It is true what they say about Catholic school girls.

Innocent-looking on the outside, wild child on the inside. 

Of course, this isn’t always the case with every girl who attends a Catholic school but I can tell you it’s somewhat spot on where yours truly is concerned.

How I Dress My Inner Child

How I dress my inner child.

Well, this is what I came up with.  Romantic White Shakespearean blouse with big ruffled neckline, dainty silk black ribbon tie and mega flouncy sleeves.  Over this, I wore a Green Velvet blazer, for several reasons.  One, I adore the texture and sheen of velvet, always have always will.  Two, I’m unbelievably besotted with the colour (think emeralds, Slytherin, money, matcha, weed).  And last but certainly not the least, the cut is ever so classically flattering yet the fabric gives it such a contemporary air.

Steampunk brooch on the lapel for that touch of hardware that sings my siren song and my hair in two low, loose, casual ponytails.  So here you have an outfit that is completely influenced by my childhood and by the things I loved, and how these two elements are reflected in my wardrobe choices today.

Now, come see how my ladies went about showcasing their inner child from a sartorial perspective.  So excited.  

Suzy, Suzy Turner

over 40s blogger

Both Suzy and I are lost in our literary worlds this month, hers being the magical world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter and the house of Gryffindor.  Absolutely nothing not to love.

Shelbee, Shelbee On The Edge

mental health blogger

Shelbee’s outfit just immediately brought Pretty In Pink and Molly Ringwald to mind, especially when paired with that denim jacket.  I heart so much.

Daenel, Living Outside The Stacks

photographer blogger

Clearly a bohemian, romantic gyspy has lived in this world for a very long time.  She’s all about lush, feminine colours while maintaining a practical sensibility and comfort that’s signature Daenel.

Dee, Dee Sayz

singaporean blogger

So cute, Dee, just so so cute.  (Stylish) dorks unite.

And then there’s me.

Making the most of the current situation to indulge in my obsession with fantasy backdrops and outlandish settings.  A fox.  A hare.  A swan.  And a cotton-tailed bunny.  Four creatures synonymous with tales and wonder.

preppy street style

Green Velvet Blazer, White Poet Blouse & Brown Pleated Tennis Miniskirt (all thrifted) | Hardware & Organza Steampunk Brooch from Etsy | Sneakers (a gift)

Would you wear sneakers with this outfit?

If you were to let your inner child style you for one day, what sort of outfit would you be wearing?

Until next time friends, do not ever EVER let go of that child within you.  She really does help you see the beauty in the most unexpected of spots.  She’s the one who encourages spontaneous activities such as running through the sprinklers (when they’re spurting fountains of water, yes); going to HEB after a couture runway show (wearing a dramatic red gown of a dress); and eating chicken wings with your bare hands (in public)!!!!

Love, Sheela


12 Replies to “How I Dress My Inner Child”

  1. I loved reading this my friend. Seriously, it’s only been in these past couple of years that I’ve laughed and said my inner child is coming out in my outfits. Fun, sassy, all kinds of unexpected….that’s how we all should dress. It’s so fun and good for our souls.


  2. Welcome back, my friend! It is so nice to see you back to writing and what beautiful writing it is! I hear you on the staring at a blank screen bit, but we must persist through all the blockages! I am loving the whimsy of your adorable outfit. It epitomizes you to a tee. And your words have moved me, as they always do.



  3. OMG I absolutely LOVE this, Sheela. Every freaking thing about it. We are so in tune this month, right? I would totally wear everything you’re wearing – I mean, the emerald green is to die for. And then you add a steampunk brooch too. OMG be still my beating heart!!
    Suzy xx


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