23 Replies to “this is me”

  1. Dearest Narcissista ~ That is the most lovely thing anyone’s said to me. The sheer fact you get it, that this isn’t your typical nubile blog, is brilliant, and that you appreciate my humour with the cast makes me smile 🙂 thank you so very much. Happy Christmas xo Sheela xo


    1. Thanks very much, Debra. I have to say that I owe whomever invented the blog, a ginormous pat on the back. It’s such an amazing outlet to use in expressing oneself.

      xo Sheela xo


  2. Written from the heart and how very inspiring. This is what life is all about. It’s wonderful that you are doing what you love x


  3. You write AND you’re gorgeous to boot?! Forget my being your style hero – you’re just my all-around hero!

    I’m currently trying to juggle my style blogging schedule with my work in progress, which is a 300+ page behemoth and is in no way even close to being complete. Good thing the fantasy genre likes ’em long, eh?


  4. I got into blogging for a very similar reason. I’ve always enjoyed writing too and went to college to study journalism. However since graduation six years ago, I decided to work in the non-profit world. While I love that, I needed an outlet. Blogging is perfect because you are your own boss. I love it!



  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the several posts I browsed through and will definitely keep track of your future posts through Pinterest. I liked your irreverant tone and “what happened to individuality” attitude. Sounds like you deal with quite a bit of pain and medications on a daily basis as I do. My best wishes with all that. Hey, once I got on the correct dosage for my thyroid, I lost about 30 lbs. The pain meds still keep me about 30 lbs over my ideal weight, but it’s better than it was.
    Yes, you can work flowers into your outfit on a clutch. Or you can use a piece of jewelry. Or a pair of shoes. Do it any way it feels best to you. I won’t send you to my blog for that post of how to do flowers. I think you can figure it out for yourself! You obviously have an excellent mind. I wish you good luck with your writing. I wish I had “stories” in my head; I would love to write.
    Judi at Blue Cat Review http://www.bluecatreview.us


  6. Very timely for me to read your blog. Thanks for your thoughts. It is awesome to hear and inspiring to read. Are we waiting for news about blockbuster book sales and film rights and retweets by Reece Witherspoon? I am so excited for you!!


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  8. What a wonderfully compelling person you are! And how much you have achieved! I am inspired. You remind me of my daughter and bit, and a younger version of me.
    I am so glad your work has been published and you have that satisfaction of knowing that your thoughts will be immortalized. That is a wonderful,reinforcing thing. I am trying to visualize a seven year old you with a Bic pen and spiral notebook, writing her heart out.
    xx, Elle


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