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Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

Once upon a time, there lived a girl by the name of Sheela who rather enjoyed going to school for several reasons. One, she genuinely adored English and History and Art, and, being the granddaughter of the school’s recently retired principal, she was treated (oh let’s just say) with extra special care. She was even made a school prefect which brings us to the crux of this story. In the school where she was from, every year, the group of school prefects would put together a performance for teachers and other members of academia. That year, 1985, the last year of elementary school, there was a trainee teacher on board. Enthused and young and not yet jaded, said trainee decided that the perfects would, gasp, do a cheerleader-esquire Pom Pom Dance for Teacher’s Day. Oy. I kid you not. So, we practiced and rehearsed and trained our butts off. The big day arrived and we were beyond thrilled when Miss Trainee said she’d also be doing our hair and make-up. That is until we realised …


Natural Woman

At times, the heart has a yearning for the natural, the subtle, the barely there.  Today was one of those moments which translated into a more muted palette. Mind, muted but not in the least bit wallflower-boring. All eye colours were taken from the Pony Shine Easy Glam 2 palette from Meme Box, specifically Shine Beige, Shine Rose, Shine Peach (I used this on the cheeks too) and Glam Choco.  Clearly this is a treat for glimmer aficionados such as myself. Lids were then lined with Kat Von D’s Pumpkin Eye Liner Pencil. And finally, to balance everything, I used Ritual from Kat Von D. I really really like this look. A lot. It’s not so out there that I would look back and cringe, and it has enough depth to warrant a second look, or three. What did you think? Love, Sheela p/s with thanks to Twice Lucky Resale Houston for that rock chic distressed denim vest, it is so loved!!!



I have so many fond memories of Chinese New Year, of celebrating it with my parents and my brother. With my friends. Hunting around for that perfect first day outfit. Collecting angpows (or hongboas) and tallying my loot at the end of each day. Eating sweets and dishes served only once a year such as Pineapple Tarts (recipe coming up), Cinnamon & 5 Spice Duck, Steamed Sultan Fish, and now I must stop because my tummy is growling. Shhhh tummy. Anyway anyway anyway, this is a quick post as I still have dinner to cook but I really wanted to share my Chinese New Year Make-up Look with you 🙂 traditionally, Red is worn on the first day to ward off evil and foster prosperity. Sheela? I always wore black with loads of accessories and strong make-up. Make-up used is all Nyx save for the Mascara (more on that in a separate gushing post) and the Glittery Silver liner. I realise this post is utterly uninspired but I promise things will revert back to BOOM …


Sorbet: Valentine’s Day Look 2

This second look is softer. Fewer steps. But no less pretty, in fact, I personally like this one a lot more than my first Valentine’s Day Look, Sugar & Spice. Perhaps because it was so easy that it took me under 10 minutes to complete Sorbet? On the face I used Clarins Teint Haute Tenue+ Everlasting Foundation in 107. I used the same pink eyeshadow Bella, (a wet/dry eyeshadow cum liner) from Addictive Cosmetics, for both eyes and cheeks. The green is this amazing concoction from Clarins called the Crayon Kohl in Intense Green, spot on for Spring 2015. My lashes are lashtastic-fantastic all thanks to the Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black. And that luscious lip? The Clarins Joli Rouge Sheer in Coral Dahlia. You know what? I’m really beginning to like Clarins. So tell me, now that you’ve seen both Valentine’s Day looks, which do you prefer? Love, Sheela


Sugar & Spice: Valentine’s Day Look 1

I went to town with this look but because the colours used are neutral, I managed to achieve a sultry but not too sexy look that didn’t scream cliché on heels. And it’s something I could probably pull off any other day of the year, not just for Valentine’s Day. For the face, I used Clarins Teint Haute Tenue+ Everlasting Foundation in 107 (just launched and OH SO FAB and oh so sold out, sad face). For the eyes, I used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows in Bianca’s Coloring Book, Anna’s Tea Set, Daniel’s Teddy Bear and Tom’s Stuffed Tiger with touches of “V” from the Tarte for True Blood palette. Over the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, I dabbed on Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Junkshow. On the lashes, I used Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black. For the cheeks, it was Bella (a wet/dry eyeshadow cum liner) from Addictive Cosmetics. And on the lips, (my fave) Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague. I also created a second Valentine’s …


Love Child

There’s always been something in music from the 70s which has held me entranced for over four decades. I love the groovy vibe. Disco, funk, and soul in particular were genres which enraptured me. The smooth dance moves. The swagger. The exaggerated make-up. The turbans. The glitter. Oh, the glitter. For today’s look, I wanted to do something very Studio 54. Bold. Glamorous. And fun. Turban included. Tell me if you feel I achieved that. The palettes I used for eyes and cheeks were Vice 3 from Urban Decay as well as Smashbox Double Exposure. (clockwise from top left) For the base, I used Truth followed by Flushed for the outer corners of the crease. I then lined my upper eyelids with Bondage and added Alchemy directly on the middle part of the crease. (clockwise from top left) I created a double wing Cat Eye using Kat Von D’s Waterproof Autograph Pencil in Black Metal Love. Using Blanc, I lined half of my lower eyelid for some contrast. Next, I layered Metallic Bronze Glitter Make-up …


Two Faced

Post the aftermath of (the dramatic) Goldeneye, I was keen to try something more subdued. A nod to the neutrals. More of browns and beiges and taupes, oh my. A look that could, with a few easy swipes of the brush, translate into something sufficiently sultry for the evening. Plus my friend Natasha had to be further enticed to cross over to the world of make-up and playing with colours (I’m incorrigible, I know). Here’s what I came up with for the day look. I applied Lucid all over up toe the brow bone then Black Milk onto the crease (both from Kat Von D’s Chrysalis Palette). Blend, blend, blend. Lined upper lash line with Napolitano, also from Kat Von D. Lightly smudged lower lash line, outer corners with MAC Red Brick Eyeshadow. Loaded on L’oreal Mascara in Black Black. For the lips, I used MAC Retro. Then in four quick steps, I changed it up a tad for Evening. I used more of MAC Red Brick on the crease and to further enhance the …


Doing The Ombré

After seeing renditions from Keiko and Emily, I thought I’d give ombré lips a go. The original objective was to create a Black with Purple gradient but in the end, I went with a gilded finish. First, I lined my lips with Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Baby Pink (which is, in actuality, more of a Peach Coral), made it a thoroughly generous border. You might be wondering why such a light hue given the final outcome. Honestly? It was the nearest thing on hand 🙂 I filled in the corners with Nyx Lipstick in Almost Black, first straight from the tube and then I evened it out with a lip brush. I used Nyx Alecto to fill in the rest of the lips and then added a dash of Nyx Hubba Bubba Waouh in the centre of both upper as well as lower lips for contrast. Make sure everything is blended nicely. Tadah 🙂 it took less than five minute to create this look. Is the ombré effect something you’d fancy? And try? …



Can I get any cornier? Sadly, I do believe I can. Easily. Make-up. This time, I had a plan. I wanted loud, shimmery eyes and a pale lip, a look I’ve never ever tried before. In the past, it was always either smokey eyes or kabuki red lips. I started with the face already prepped with MAC Mineralise Loose Foundation Powder in Medium (this is my daily go to). I use MAC Brush #182 for this, and yes I know it’s meant for blushes but it just smooths the powder on ever so evenly. Then I covered the lid with Lucid from Kat Von D’s Chrysalis Palette. Next was Thrash from Urban Decay’s Electric Pigment Palette (love, love, love) which I applied all over the crease area. Next, I smudged Make Up For Eve Artist Shadow in Matt Black in the corners right through to just before the centre of the lid, and blended as best I could. I used quite a bit of this to achieve the intensity I was looking for. Then, it …


Purple & Green

This is the most make-up I’ve ever had on my face since, lord, I don’t know? Since I was 17? Apparently, the older I get, the less goo I apply and putting the stuff on was hard work. A lot of hard work. I know I said I was waiting for a haul to arrive but I was raring to start experimenting so I did, with what I had on hand. Note that the colours I used are very old. Most of them aren’t even available anymore (I’m throwing them out soon, I’m pretty certain they’re not supposed to smell that way) but I kept them because once upon a time, in another life, I was in charge of PR for the brands listed in this post #memories Back to the face. A few thoughts gleaned from this experiment:- (1) However a look you wish to end up with, multiply that by at least 5 to achieve the desired intensity of colours. (2) Primers are pivotal. Concealers too. Clearly, I used neither. (3) Clean, white …