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Underage Uproar

Kat Von D is no stranger to infamy. This time, the spotlight shines on Underage Red, a shade from her line of Studded Kiss Lipsticks.   I’m perplexed. I saw the shade, I read the name, and that was that. Nothing to provoke me into thinking beyond that it was a nice colour. This sort of topic is something I typically avoid talking about on the blog because of how controversial it can be. However, I think the entire debacle is such poppycock that I had to share my opinion. What sort of mind instantly thinks of underage sex and statutory rape when it sees the word “underage”, and on a lipstick? When I think “underage”, I imagine my frustration at being denied so many things when I was younger, simply because I wasn’t 18 yet. I recall being defiant and rebellious and adventurous, with a devil-may-care attitude. I remember having the time of my life. Never once have I associated the word “underage” with pedophiles or any Lolita syndrome. So again, I ask you, …