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Friday Picks: Orange Lipsticks

When it comes to lipstick colours, Pink is my Nude. It’s my go-to colour for most occasions. I tend to paint it red when I’m intending to paint the town red ergo the connection. Corals and Oranges, however, are foreign territory to me. I associate those two shades with being in limbo where colour is concerned because they’re neither quite here nor quite there. Does that make sense? Given all that, it’s Summer. It’s Resort Wear season. That time of the year when Oranges and Corals dominate alongside Reds, both in terms of outfits as well as accessories and all the other necessary accoutrements which make up a successful outfit. I was, therefore, determined to give the zesty hues a go. All things said and done, thanks to the rain finally stopping (yes, Texas, it’s Summer, when the sun shines?), I’ve been able to enjoy some pool time and acquire a slight tan which I adore but, in the context of finding that right dollop of Orange, has proved rather challenging. Why is that, you …


Skin Matters: How I Healed My Face Post Angioedema

If you’ve been following my IG feed, you may have noticed some posts wherein I talked about a horrid face rash. As it turns out, it was more than a face rash.   I had an allergic reaction to new antibiotics which led to acute Angioedema* which, in turn, caused me to go into anaphylactic shock around a fortnight back. I couldn’t breathe and was gasping. Thankfully, I was actually at the doctor’s that very moment and they were able to administer an epinephrine shot. Dramatic, I know. Post that, my face has been a field of redness, swells and welts. That’s the angioedema speaking. The image above is how I looked after a stint at the ER and several hours of being fed steroids intravenously. Before my face poofed up. Before I looked like I had mumps and resembled an Asian dumpling, which is just about what I see in the mirror right about now 🙂 but inflated face aside, I am SO pleased that all the redness is now gone. My skin is …


Natural Woman

At times, the heart has a yearning for the natural, the subtle, the barely there.  Today was one of those moments which translated into a more muted palette. Mind, muted but not in the least bit wallflower-boring. All eye colours were taken from the Pony Shine Easy Glam 2 palette from Meme Box, specifically Shine Beige, Shine Rose, Shine Peach (I used this on the cheeks too) and Glam Choco.  Clearly this is a treat for glimmer aficionados such as myself. Lids were then lined with Kat Von D’s Pumpkin Eye Liner Pencil. And finally, to balance everything, I used Ritual from Kat Von D. I really really like this look. A lot. It’s not so out there that I would look back and cringe, and it has enough depth to warrant a second look, or three. What did you think? Love, Sheela p/s with thanks to Twice Lucky Resale Houston for that rock chic distressed denim vest, it is so loved!!!


Underage Uproar

Kat Von D is no stranger to infamy. This time, the spotlight shines on Underage Red, a shade from her line of Studded Kiss Lipsticks.   I’m perplexed. I saw the shade, I read the name, and that was that. Nothing to provoke me into thinking beyond that it was a nice colour. This sort of topic is something I typically avoid talking about on the blog because of how controversial it can be. However, I think the entire debacle is such poppycock that I had to share my opinion. What sort of mind instantly thinks of underage sex and statutory rape when it sees the word “underage”, and on a lipstick? When I think “underage”, I imagine my frustration at being denied so many things when I was younger, simply because I wasn’t 18 yet. I recall being defiant and rebellious and adventurous, with a devil-may-care attitude. I remember having the time of my life. Never once have I associated the word “underage” with pedophiles or any Lolita syndrome. So again, I ask you, …


Sheet Masks Are Taking Over

Fright Night, it might appear at first glance, but in truth, a sheet mask is possibly your face’s latest (perhaps bestest) BFF.   Glorious contraptions of every permutation and formula, designed to offer immense treats for the face, in the name of hydrating, brightening, tightening, lifting, nourishing, purifying, and everything in between. No matter the skin condition, there’s certainly a sheet mask poised to address it. Does that signal the death of the beauty salon industry? No, I doubt it but I do foresee a decline in the popularity stakes as many women, such as myself, grow increasingly appreciative of the benefits of applying sheet masks at home. Comfort. Privacy. Convenience. Practical. Picture this. Experience spa quality treatment in between writing a blog post, in the quiet sanctuary of my space. Over and done with in half an hour, max. Not all of us are at ease stripping off make-up in the presence of others (read: me) nor can we invest vast amounts of time in pamper-me-time, on a regular basis. We’re all busy, busy, …


Day & Night, Night & Day

So I had a new make-up look all ready to go (and I was really excited about this one, I tell you) but allergies decided to rear their ugly, bumpy heads and I’m left with some major breakout issues. Sigh. Since I’m not about to share how I look at this very moment (I realise it’s Friday the 13th but I’m not about to give you more food for the fright fodder), here’s something I came up with a few days back. This look focuses on debunking the myth that a smokey eye is best reserved for after hours. And spotlights the fact that by simply changing lipsticks, one can effortlessly transition the look from day to play. This is Day. And this is Night. Everything remains status quo and yet the mere switching of lippies makes a ginormous difference in the overall mood of the look. For eyes and cheeks, I used The Balm’s Nude Palette and then it was Photo (MAC) for a delicate, romantic lip followed with Almost Black (Nyx) for a …


Caviar, Anyone?

Generally speaking, I prefer my food where I can see it. On my plate, right before eating it. I do, however, make an exception when it comes to skincare. And caviar, more specifically. I’m not an aficionado of fish eggs (shudder) but, in the pursuit of eternal youth beauty a smooth complexion, I would happily spread it across my face if it helps to rejuvenate, renew, replenish. All the while praying that not a single little black ball falls into any facial cavity because that would be awful. Really quite awful. Stuffed orifices aside, I’ve long been a fan of how caviar has worked its way into the skincare and beauty industries but, until the last few weeks, never had an opportunity to experience the purported miracle effects myself. When it debuted in 1987, the La Prairie caviar collection was completely out of my reach, and, to be honest, my skin wasn’t in need of any back-up then. Good times. Long considered one of the most decadent foods known to man, caviar is (in essence) …


Seeing Red: The Power Of Red Lips

The idea that colours affect our mood – red makes us angry, or sexually receptive; blue soothes us, or saddens us; that sort of thing – was once deemed pure poppycock, vaguely hippyish at best. But now, the body of scientific research into colour is growing, and it all points to one thing: our perception of colour really does affect our minds, and our bodies. Matte or glossy, retro or modern, diffused or solid, a bolt of red lipstick can certainly update one’s look instantly. Everyone, naturally, has their own opinion on which is the ultimate hue. Punctuating it further, runways have been rife with permutations of red for Spring 2015 as designer upon designer genuflected before the tabernacle of le rouge. Chanel. Zac Posen. Marc Jacobs. For me, red lipstick will always be associated with a particular woman – someone charismatic and confident and clever. Someone whose scarlet lips instantly showed that she was in charge. Capable. Fearless. Over the years, I’ve armed myself with lipsticks in every possible shade of pink and purple, but …


Mascara Mayhem

Yet another beauty post, you yawn? Yes, it’s the results of my mission to unearth the ultimate mascara and it’s mah partay so I’ll share it if I wanna GRIN As anyone bequeathed with short, sparse lashes would attest, it’s a neverending quest for that magic wand. One to lift lashes to the highest of heights. That would defy gravity. One singular wand to conquer them all. Then there’s that teeny matter of preference. What I want a mascara to do may differ from what you want it do for your lashes. I’m in search of length while your priority might very well be volume. Personal needs aside, I believe I might have finally found my magic brushes (yes, plural) but allow me to first introduce the menage a trois I dallied with. (from left to right) Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes. I’m positively in love with this mascara. It does things for my lashes I never knew possible. I swear, it makes them defy gravity. Seriously. With …



I have so many fond memories of Chinese New Year, of celebrating it with my parents and my brother. With my friends. Hunting around for that perfect first day outfit. Collecting angpows (or hongboas) and tallying my loot at the end of each day. Eating sweets and dishes served only once a year such as Pineapple Tarts (recipe coming up), Cinnamon & 5 Spice Duck, Steamed Sultan Fish, and now I must stop because my tummy is growling. Shhhh tummy. Anyway anyway anyway, this is a quick post as I still have dinner to cook but I really wanted to share my Chinese New Year Make-up Look with you 🙂 traditionally, Red is worn on the first day to ward off evil and foster prosperity. Sheela? I always wore black with loads of accessories and strong make-up. Make-up used is all Nyx save for the Mascara (more on that in a separate gushing post) and the Glittery Silver liner. I realise this post is utterly uninspired but I promise things will revert back to BOOM …