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Fabulous Eats, Fantastic Times

When yours is a family comprised of 3 children (aged 20, 17, 16) and two adults of varying gastronomical preferences (I’m from Borneo, he’s from Southern Italy), eating out can be quite the challenge. Particularly when it comes to special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas Eve, that sort of thing. It’s usually my man who proposes a few options and together, we pick one.  The problem with that arrangement is he often forgets to make reservations until a few days prior, and you don’t toy with ginormous days like New Year’s Eve. You just don’t. It bites you in the buttocks, most viciously, I might add. Let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of 2012 and 2013, and decided I’d be the one to shop around for a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I know it sounds trivial, petty even, but this is where things get complicated. The oldest does not like seafood much tends to change his eating preferences every week, the middle doesn’t eat anything with a shell (nor …

A Weekend In San Antonio

More pictures from our recent getaway. On board a riverwalk taxi.  It only took us four trips to San Antonio. Being all goofy. My shutterbug. Happy. Not the best of quality, I know, but I’m wearing my brand new Helmut Lang Jersey Top here with an equally mint Grey Leather Rebecca Minkoff Equestrian cuff. Other sights.   I’ll post more this week 🙂 I’ve just been little tired lately.  Tired and a wee bit swamped at work. Love, Sheela

My Morning At The Farmer’s Market

There’s very little else that comes close to starting your weekend with a trip to the farmer’s market. Such a sight for sore eyes. Ever since my man and I started working out in earnest, we’ve tried very hard to eat only organic produce and, once in a while, indulge in a spot of farm to our table purchases. I mean, let’s be honest. All things found in a farmer’s market are grossly overpriced compared to their grocery store counterparts but that (apparently) comes with the au naturel tag. Grimacing wallets aside, we began our little walkabout with some munchies, but of course. Out of that fluorescent green and orange food truck comes the world’s most delicious BLT, the Pork Belly. I know it doesn’t look like much (and fyi, my husband and child just made fun of it, grr face), but trust me when I say it’s orgasmic. Those quiches in the first few pictures? Delish. Absolutely delish. Entertainment in the form of a travelling, bare-footed, Franciscan-friar-habit-wearing guy. If veggies were colours, these would …

Going Monochrome

Ever since I started playing shutterbug again, I’ve been seeing the world with renewed zest. Through rejuvenated eyes, if you will. A weekend to San Antonio proved immensely prolific in terms of photo-taking and this is one of my personal faves. A tight, abstract architectural composition. Do you like it? Love, Sheela

Fashion Houston 5 – A Runway Recap

Our picture featured in the Houston Chronicle online the very next morning, woot woot!! Last Wednesday night, courtesy of Fashion Houston 5, I attended my very first live runway show with Eve at the ever glamorous Wortham Centre. Glitzy, posh and perfectly put together, the range of looks shown was, simply put, astounding. Several students from the Fashion Institute of Houston (a part of the Art Institute of Houston) opened the show. We were seated in the fourth row from the runway (so amazing) which meant we were able to both appreciate and discern. I must confess that, for the most part, I wasn’t impressed. Workmanship and finishing were not as they should be. Originality was lacking. I love that there are emerging talents in Houston but I don’t believe all of them came out to play that night. Having said that, I was very impressed by these two looks from Inclan and DAN. Fabulousness. Inclan DAN So fresh, so must-have. And there were these beautiful pieces from Rene Ruiz. More loveliness from Rubin Singer. …