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Very Valentine

Who doesn’t love the adorkable Amanda Valentine? I swear to god if ever we hung out, Amanda and I would get along like two looney Geminis on fire.  For reals. I mean, we have so many things in common (and that didn’t sound at all like a creepy stalker). We’re both awkward and a little loud to make up for our shyness. We have soft spots for loud, art deco statement jewellery pieces. And we’re both HUGE fans of deconstructed clothing, salvaging bits from here and from there to create a completely new, reworked garment (see and discover what Amanda used to create her first ever design here). I bet you thought I was going to say we’re both huge fans of Maroon 5, huh? Did I mention that we’re both Geminis?  I mean, we share the same horoscope as Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and the Olsen twins (c’mon, I can die a happy woman now). That said, the very first time I saw Amanda’s work, I wasn’t impressed. I cannot lie. I thought …

When Confections Get Groovy, Baby

I f you’re not into sweeties, you’re certainly of a rare breed. Or very strong-willed. As all pastry obsessives will likely concur, there’s something in that first taste of sweetness. I like to slowly wrap my tongue around it. Savour it. Ever. So. Slowly. Experience the heady rush of sugar. Be it an an affinity for layer cakes, tarts, or truffles, or, as it goes with the likes of Lisa Wolf, lollies and biscuits and marshmallows (oh my), sugar aficionados are united in searching for the next perfect bite. Beyond baking up nirvana, Lisa is one of the most sassy, intelligent and creative people I’ve been blessed to meet. Ever so eloquent, too. I absolutely adore the way she replied to all my questions. So much so that you know what? I’m simply going to copy/paste her responses here because they’re that epic. Mundane but necessary nonetheless, tell me about yourself. I’d describe myself as an oddly anachronistic character who tends to speak in a sort of backwards, slightly loopy and overly formal way. It was …

Meeting Ms Minkoff

Ladies and gentlemen, it was Friday the 21st. The time? Just five minutes shy of 1pm. The scene was Neiman Marcus at the Galleria (my first time, incidentally) and the occasion? An informal meet-and-greet with the designer post her Fashion Houston 5 runway show. Yes, I was in the presence of the one and only Rebecca Minkoff. Did I mention I was starstruck? I know I told her, yes, I did. Rebecca was so gracious about it, patting my arm like a BFF and telling me there was absolutely no need for me to feel that way #girlcrush I recall my initial impression being WOW. Was she the designer or one of the models? My mistake could be easily forgiven given that Rebecca stands 5’9″ in bare soles. Later, I would discover that her dream had been to be a dancer, but height got in the way. That her I Love New York tee shirt skyrocketed when Jenna Elfman wore it on the Jay Leno show in 2001. And that she would spend the next …

Hello, It’s TS Chang

The world of photography has undergone numerous transitions in just the last 50 years. Cameras, on the other hand, have their rich history dating back even further.  As a product of the 70s and 80s, I’ve witnessed many monumental changes in photographic technology, all paving the way to the digital culture we now live in. From the iconic Hasselblad to the then-revolutionary instant camera (the world remembers it fondly as Polaroids), to the Super Kodak Six-20 Pack of 1938 and the Topcon RE Super of 1962.  Progress did not stop there. While he was certainly not the first to do so, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed took the best stab at bringing the future of photography into sharp focus when he tackled the subject in an installment of his “Outland” comic strip published in the early 1990s. It’s no secret the humble point and shoot contraption has been, for the most part, replaced with the iPhone.  Since it first burst onto the scene in 2007, the smartphone’s photo-taking capabilities have advanced in leaps and bounds.  Completely transforming …

Very Valentina

“Life is so short, it’s really a moment. We must live it always like it’s the last day of our lives.” ~ Valentina Kova Russian by birth but true blue New Yorker from every other perspective, Valentina Kova is one to watch.  While she started out by designing jewellery, it was inevitable that a ready-to-wear line would follow suit.  Four seasons ago, to be precise.  With a stellar line-up of celebrity clients including Miranda Lambert, Julianne Moore and Lavender Cox, the designer truly made her mark on the world of fashion when she showed, for the very first time, in NYFW just recently. Here are some of my absolute crave-wants from her SS2015 Collection.  It’s enough to make a grown woman rob a bank.  Or dig into a mountainous pile of leftover Halloween candy.  Maybe both. By now, you must be positively enamoured of her creations, as I am, and are excitedly awaiting the dawn of Fashion Houston.  Now in its fifth year, Fashion Houston will be held at the Wortham Theater Center from 18th …

A Visual Story Of Naeem Khan

“Every designer needs a story. Mine is all about glamour.” ~ Naeem Khan Michelle Harris & Portia di Rossi Kate Hudson Holland Roden Nicole Richie Kate Beckinsale Padma Lakshmi The dress that made Khan the third most Googled person in the world that day. If you’re as big a fan of his couture creations as I am, you need to be at Fashion Houston.  Now in its fifth year, Fashion Houston will be held at the Wortham Theater Center from 18th to 21st November 18th BUT you don’t need to wait that long to pore over and covet beautiful pieces. No, you don’t.  As I’ve mentioned before, if you love fashion and you’re in Houston, you have to be at the Kick-Off Party, Friday night.  All proceeds from the night shall be channelled towards Dress For Success Houston.  Say it with me, altruism is sexy. Tickets on sell here.   Love, Sheela

The Phoenix Rises

So, Galliano for Margiela, huh?While chaos and unbridled madness run rampant, stripped bare, Galliano has always been about making beautiful clothes. Garments that transcend trends. Which defy technical boundaries. By comparison, Maison Martin Margiela is architectural. Pared down luxe. Precisely austere. Stark, even. I, for one, am dying to see what he comes up with for Margiela. Paris Couture Week in January couldn’t come any faster.   Love, Sheela p/s such news does leave you with the impression that the fashion world is so starved of real talent, most sins can be forgiven, oui?

73 Questions With, Well, Me

For this exclusive blog interview (in fact, it’s her very first interview, ever), Sheela Goh answers quite a few questions (no diva tantrum here, she answered all 73 of them), and is candid about practically everything. Here, the complete list of questions from the interview. What would your answers be? 1. You’re from Borneo, how long have you been in Houston? A little over 4 years. I came to marry the love of my life. 2. How different is it? Very, and in a good way, for the most part. 3. Do you really swing from tree to tree in Borneo? For sure, using Loewe leather ropes and wearing our Jaeger Le-Coultre timepieces. We have tree parties too. 4. Did you think you’d ever wind up in the States? I knew I wouldn’t stay in Borneo for the rest of my life but I didn’t know I’d move 3 continents away. I’m glad I did though. 5. What are three words to describe living in Borneo? Hot. Sweaty. Hot. 6. What’s your favorite movie? Oh …

Celebrating Bardot

This is, I’ll tell you right off the bat, a pictorial tribute to Bridgette Bardot.             “I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots.” “I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand.” “Animals have never betrayed me. They are an easy prey, as I have been throughout my career. So we feel the same. I love them.” “I am 30, but there are things about me that are still 15.” “They may call me a sinner, but I am at peace with myself.” Amen. And if you’re into gamine, french dressing, here’s a lovely how to   Happy Birthday, Ms Bardot.

You’re A Lucky Fella, Mr Smith

And we’re lucky too, to bear witness to your witty genius. Navy Floral Print Blazer. Signature Striped Mini Cufflinks. Grey Holger Loafers with IN YOUR FACE Acid Green Soles. Mr Brown Printed Scarf. Pink Birdy Socks. Mushroom Printed Shirt. Purple Hawaiian Trilby Hat. Paul’s Drawings Handkerchief (LOVE). Just a small selection of my personal Paul Smith favourites 🙂 don’t they put a smile on your face?  And isn’t that what fashion is supposed to do ~ evoke joy. Love, SG p/s all pieces available from the Paul Smith online store.