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My 5 Days Of Not Wearing Any Denim

As in, five days, five outfits, zero jeans. A la the Man Repeller herself.   Snide (but oh so witty) content aside, I’ve had a steadfast adoration for Leandra Medine since 2010 when the anti-feminism Queen of Rock herself, Courtney Love, texted me saying I had to Google this person, to read her blog, that the Man Repeller (MR) was f****** amazing. Usually, though, in true speaking-through-a-somewhat-hazy-frame-of-mind fashion (I love you, Court), CLove’s “you must check this person out” commands don’t exactly actualise into someone of as high calibre as she inferrs. Not so in the instance of the MR, I happily concluded. As one of the 929k who religiously stalks watches her every Instagram move, when she announced a week long hiatus from denim and asked if anyone else was game, I was DEFINITELY in for the challenge. After all, I don’t do denim very often, to begin with. I mean, have you sighted any of that warp-faced twill textile here on the blog? Here’s what I wore last week, completely devoid of denim. …