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Of Pistachio Crackers, Snail Hydro Mist & Vanilla Thoughts

Everyone has a story. Everything has a story. This picture you see here has a story too, and it’s the sort of story which might require you to grab a mug of tea, or coffee, whichever is your poison, perhaps some biscuits as well, and listen. It could well be the sort of story to make you sit up, slide to the edge of your seat, and pay attention to each word I share. At least, that’s what I’m hoping will happen, if only with just one reader.   That somewhere in all of my rambling, there’ll be something to make you say, “Oh wow!” Or “I’m glad I’m not the only one!” or even, “I needed this“. The story behind this gym bag (and its plethora of thingamabobs) is one that reminded me of something I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten about feeling. I was lost in “I think”s and “maybe”s, for so long. Almost three years now. Since August 2012 to be precise, when I saw the first three hives on my right foot and thought …