Gossip Girls

What does that mean?  Simply put, your reputation must precede you.

To an introvert, the most loathsome aspect of events is making small talk with strangers, explaining over and over again what it is you do, all the while wondering if they really care to know, and then standing around awkwardly.  Waiting for something to happen.

You can avoid all of this by never going anywhere unless the people there already know who you are.  Sound good?  Sound impossible?  Here’s how to set those wheels in motion.  Get those grapevines working for you.

First you need to believe you create amazing work.  Work that can only come from your mind, your hands, your thoughts.  Let’s face it.  If you don’t believe in what you do, who else would?  After you create that amazing body of work, get it out there, and make sure your name is on it.  A lot of people will tell you how much easier that’d be if you’re a writer but guess what?  We’re all writers these days.  In some shape or form.  For instance, engineers write.  Doctors write.  Even dentists and aestheticians and landscapists write.  And, of course, so do bloggers.  We all write.  On varying levels of proficiency, across varying topics of content, in varying frequency.

Those in sectors which tend to be perceived as sombre and less entertaining can approach the topic with tongue-in-cheek wit such as How To Videos for insurance agents, CPAs, morticians.  If you’re in a profession that isn’t mainstream and/or deemed interesting, be even more interesting.

Address the elephant in the room.

If everyone’s talking about what women of a certain age group should (or should not) wear, then write about how society views men differently when it comes to what they ought to (or ought not wear).  Or put together a list of things women absolutely have to try wearing at least once in their lives, even if for the sheer fun of it.  Or document contrasting reactions from both genders about those same items of clothing such as thongs and animal print, stuff like that.

If you don’t already, have a website that showcases your work.  Yes, you have to have a photo.  Video is even better.  Do it right, and in a year, I promise, you can walk into a room, and people will rush to talk to you.  You won’t have to explain what you do.  The conversations will be more meaningful because they began with your work.

So, the next time you ditch an event because it’s raining, and you hate those things, use that time to work on your online presence.  Which brings us to the next point.  Social Marketing.