Social Marketing

Today, your physical presence is but a part of your brand, and while it is key, it isn’t quite as vital as your online presence.  How the tables have turned, huh?

Introverts may take more naturally to social media, where “others can get to know as much about you as you care to share.”  Isn’t that beautiful?  Developing a robust online presence also helps you to achieve visibility that might otherwise prove difficult to gain in person.  Afterall, on Twitter (for instance), it matters naught if you get tongue-tied after a few sentences.  You only have to keep it up for 140 characters.

Reach out to people you’ve avoided in the past because you felt intimidated or too shy.

Think about it.  Social media makes the “getting to know, getting to know all about you” process simpler and less painful.  Communicate via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Instagram.  Talk to people attending conferences or seminars you’re going to, and let them know you’re looking forward to meeting them.  Or converse with peers in the safe haven of your home, within a more relaxed and conducive environment, and on your own terms.

This could very well be the start of a beautiful relationship.


Make the most of social media marketing.

Does that let us off the hook when it comes to real world networking?  Unfortunately, no.  Our challenge is to balance depth with breadth.  And that bring us to the village.  Your village.

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