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Silence & A Link-Up

Silence & A Link-Up

Not a creature was stirring, No, not even a mouse.   It’s been awfully quiet in Sheela land of late.  In fact, I’ve not written a single blog post since last Friday, and no, it’s not a delayed April Fool’s day gag.  The statute of limitations on that one ran out a clear week ago.  I’ve had the oddest three weeks.  First, a stubborn bout of bronchitis which ran its course until last weekend.  Then on Sunday night, the funniest (read: weird) thing happened.  My skin started to hurt.  Like burnt skin.  Raw.  Torturous to the touch. I DID SAY IT WAS WEIRD Imagine needing to heed the call of nature.  You laugh but trust me, it was excruciating.  I started drinking less in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom all too often but that only worked up to a point.  I had to walk around the house in my birthday suit (when no one else was around, of course) because each time fabric touched my skin, I wanted to …

Anatomy Of An Outfit

Sometimes, my posts revolve around the conceptualisation and birth of a look. At times, there’s absolutely no correlation between the two.  And then there are times whereby what you see me wearing and the words I’ve written to go along with it, are inextricably linked and yet the connection isn’t clear at first glance.  It’d be something visceral, appealing to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. This is such an instance, this post right here. Born and bred in Borneo (aka Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak), the only seasons we had were hot/dry and wet/dry, with the occasional flash flood.  My only experiences with calendar-based weather changes the likes of Autumn and Winter were through the pages of books.  Enter Enid Blyton (this woman, along with Agatha Christie as well as C S Lewis and Tolkien, have been my spirit soulmates where writing is concerned since day one) and her wonderful tales of faeries, far off lands and magical walks in enchanted woods. Through Ms Blyton’s prose, I “ambled along paths strewn …

The Fab 40s In Marsala & Denim

Project Sister Act has opened my eyes to so many things, not the least being to meet scores of fierce, independent women in their 40s.   When I started Project Sister Act, little did I know how many epic bloggers in their 40s were out there. Sharing their thoughts. Expressing their style. Having a blast making strides in the blogosphere. It’s quite evident how much the entire landscape has shifted and embraced an entire generation of women who don’t fall into the PYT category. Certainly, it makes sense. For sure, we have wrinkles, and more responsibilities, and bits which no longer defy gravity but typically, women in their 40s are comfortable in their own skins, calmer about the challenges they face. We are more confident, more aware of ourselves and what we will not put up with. Of course, we still don’t understand it all, but there is now an acceptance of how this whole life thing works. We are quicker to appreciate the most minute of things. Slower to linger in negative spaces, and …

Monday Mix (Final Line-Up Of Frou Frou For 2012)

Ah, to own even a single item from this week’s Monday Mix.  Le sigh.  Le sigh of infinite bliss. (left to right, clockwise from top) Alexander McQueen Final Collection Angel Jacket from Shrimpton Couture, Hand-Dyed Silk, Tulle & Leather Poetic Aviator Dress from Lumme Designs, Anne Demeulemeester Black Wedge Ankle Boots, Shrimpton&Marketa Handmade Vintage French Fabric Clutch available here, Hammered Textured Copper Ram Cuff from Hammerhead Designs and Alexander McQueen Enameled Skull Bangle from Net-a-Porter. Love, SG p/s I’m the proud owner of four garments from the genius known as Tiina who’s the brains behind Lumme Designs. pp/s My next buy?  That cuff.  Oh yeah so don’t try sneaking it away from you.  I got mah eye on you.