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Silence & A Link-Up

Silence & A Link-Up

Not a creature was stirring, No, not even a mouse.   It’s been awfully quiet in Sheela land of late.  In fact, I’ve not written a single blog post since last Friday, and no, it’s not a delayed April Fool’s day gag.  The statute of limitations on that one ran out a clear week ago.  I’ve had the oddest three weeks.  First, a stubborn bout of bronchitis which ran its course until last weekend.  Then on Sunday night, the funniest (read: weird) thing happened.  My skin started to hurt.  Like burnt skin.  Raw.  Torturous to the touch. I DID SAY IT WAS WEIRD Imagine needing to heed the call of nature.  You laugh but trust me, it was excruciating.  I started drinking less in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom all too often but that only worked up to a point.  I had to walk around the house in my birthday suit (when no one else was around, of course) because each time fabric touched my skin, I wanted to …

Poker Face

Third time in a jumpsuit, I know, right? What were the odds of that happening? Coupled with the fact that these photos were taken so long ago, perhaps two months back?  But I completely forgot I had them stashed away until this morning. And I must admit, I was hunting around (rather desperately, might I add) for some unused outfit images when I found these, lurking tucked away in a corner folder of my Mac. Thank you, blogging gods. Remember that jumpsuit challenge for the Fab 40s?  Well, this was my first option. A sleek, black, strapless tube jumpsuit with smocked bodice. I was all set to parade it but somehow, the entire look just felt way too safe to be a Sheela ensemble so this was shelved for another day. Set aside until today. I went full tilt with the comfy vibe by adding on that blankety-soft plaid cardigan. I think the asymmetrical hemline and fringe trims save it from looking too PJ-esque.  I mean, I hope so. And those mile-high heels too. My …

The 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

I received my invite by hand, but of course. Personally delivered by a line-up of eye candy boys men, all ripped and wearing tees so tight they left little to the imagination. How could I say no? It is, after all, the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As we all know, I’ve never been one to blend in with the sea of taffeta and lace and gowns and trinkets. Instead, I plan on taking the Janelle Monáe route. Jacket, Free People. Leggings, lord knows. Inner Chiffon Top, Stylemint. Lacy Bra, La Perla. Eye and cheek make-up from Wet n Wild, Smashbox Double Exposure, LORAC Afterglo and Kat Von D. Black Suede Heels with Ruffles, Bakers. Neckpiece, JCrew. Lipstick, MAC Heroine. Whirligig, all mine. Walking the tightrope of reality has never been more fun. See you at SAG tonight, 8/7c. Love, Sheela p/s As always, photo credits to Eve.

The Rainbow Lodge

A few days ago, I reviewed my 2013 resolutions (yes yes, I skipped a year) and documented my progress. Now, I’d like to talk about a less abstract objective, that being how I want my style to evolve this year. For one, there are a few things I swore I’d never try but (shudder) I shall in 2015. Or die trying. Or endure a penalty not as physically taxing but no less painful. Hence the birth of a new column I shall baptise as What Would Sheela Wear (WWSW). Here’s where I walk the tightrope of reality. Teeter, on occasion, but not fall. Be a little costumey even. It’s where I shrug off all fraudulent pretense of “this old rag? I just threw it together without a thought”, and go on character trips through fashion. Today’s debut What Would Sheela Wear segment highlights what I wore to New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Rainbow Lodge. This is a gorgeous, palatial-esque log cabin, 100 years old, sprawled across an acre of grounds. Imagine a luxurious snow …