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Playing With Prints

We keep repeating the mantra that fashion ought to be, above all, fun. And playful.  A true representation of our personalities. But too often I find myself hiding behind tried and tested formulas, sticking closely to what’s been proved instead of sticking my neck out, you know, exploring new territory. Does that tend to happen to you too? I have the greatest of admiration for those who flirt unabashedly with print and pattern, all perfectly put together in the name of go bold or go home.  Catherine puts together seemingly improbable combinations with a masterful hand.  Ann boldly goes where many of us dare not and does so with blatant joy. Sacramento Amate or, as she’s more popularly known, Mis Papelicos, attacks loud prints in even louder colours with gusto and electic chic. Also, I would be completely remiss if I failed to mention Kirsten and her knack for pairing graphic prints with strong colours to create striking outfits that make you wonder why you’d never thought of them yourself. And there’s Samantha, a newly …

Woman In White

I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit. On one hand, I love the crisp feel of a white shift paired with pops of colour. And on the other hand, shapeless garments aren’t precisely the best option for my current steroid-pumped state. I did, however, have loads oodles and doodles (and noodles) of fun posing for this post. I felt pumped and stoked. I suppose, then, that I do actually quite like this ensemble. And, why yes, this was what I wore on Independence Day. Hear me out though. I do think this isn’t too in-your-face-screaming-colours-of-the-flag and could easily pass off as a regular ensemble. I finally remembered to wear my brand new White Snakeskin Cuff, with a very special Honeycomb motif. Is it not just glorious? And a picture perfect pristine traffic-stopper in its own right which is the reason why it’s the only accoutrement I chose for my wrist this time around. Lipstick is Barbeque from the MAC Toledo line. And this clutch here, it’s SO beautiful and bold and blue. Snakeskin …

Saying I Do In Blue

Where, oh where, were you, Oh glorious gown so blue? When down the aisle I walked; Saying to my man, I do. Temperley Elie Saab Theia I would so very happily get married again in any of these. To the same man, of course.  Wait, 2014 marks our 12th year.  I could always find a reason – renewal of vows, perhaps? Which gown takes your breath away? Love, Sheela