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Christmas Tales

If you’re like me, there’s just something about Christmas which puts the bounce in your step.  A goofy grin on the face.  The P in your pep.  Right? And while we invest time and (far too much) money in search of that perfect gift, I doubt anyone can contest the significance of the non tangible either.  Yes, there are times spent with crazy family members that we’d rather not remember quite that vividly but hey, for the most part, there are many moments to be cherished. Have you noticed how they tend to revolve around people and traditions? The way my Dad sings Joy To The World with an exaggerated country and western twang, for instance.  How collectively (my mum, my brother, myself), we’d create a new crib each year. From scratch. One year it was an oriental Madonna and child complete with red fans and pussy willows, the next year was a Middle Eastern holy family.  I also recall how after midnight mass, we’d converge at this late night hawker stall and have (what …

Ho, Ho, Ho & A Very Merry Yuletide To One And All

Happy Christmas to you and yours, and I hope you have a day simply overflowing with food (beverage is essential too), laughter, and the company of those you love. xo SG xo

Friday, Funday ~ How Cool Is This (Get It?)

                TGIF! Love, SG

Friday, Funday ~ Worst Christmas Gift EVER

                    Are you calling me fat?

Friday, Funday ~ Glitch Much

Oy.  Have a good one, y’all. Love, SG