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23,040 Minutes

23,040 minutes. Or, if you prefer, 384 hours.   That’s precisely how long I’ve been staying at Camden Holly Springs.  The place I’ve called home since 22nd August.  Seems so odd to say that.  As is doing things by myself.  Normal, everyday things such as taking out the trash.  Pumping gas into the car, going to the car wash too.  Cooking for one (I still keep cooking far too much but I’ll get the portions right eventually, I know it).  Getting acquainted with a washer and dryer that aren’t Samsung red boom boxes. Realising that I can decorate things however I please (hence the red couch, moo moo cube, tray tables, bedroom furniture, and night lamps).  Yes, in case it wasn’t already apparent, I’m going with black, red and white with touches of grey/chrome 🙂 I shan’t lie, it’s going to take a while to get accustomed to these (shall we call them) adjustments but I know they’re part of the process in this journey towards my new norm.  And I look forward to embracing …

The Girls

Breasts. Tits. Boobs. Whatever you may call them.   Yes, however you may refer to them, my breasts are my most significant area of body insecurity.  Ever so quintessentially clichéd, I’m fully aware.  Allow me to clarify.  Yes, the insecurity pertains to size but perhaps not quite in the way you think.  I’ve never once desired to be a cup I am not.  To provide some provenance, pre-Eve, I was a 34B.  Right after having Eve, I stayed 34D for a long time.  Then I went to being a 36B, and now, I’m at 34AA.  Clearly, lingerie stores have had me to singularly support their existence these past few years, what with all that yo-yo movements of my cleavage (you’re welcomed). So, my bone of contention is that I do not crave more but I yearn to regain what I’ve lost through the years of weight fluctuations and intensive workouts.  I want to be a 34B again. No more, no less. I’ll be the very first one to admit that it IS a lot easier …

What Makes You, You?

Ya, boo. What makes you, you?   A simple prompt from the awesome Jodie, about the versatility of denim, gave rise to the question of what makes you, you.  Is it your external self with its specific composition of water, protein, connective tissue, fats, bones, carbohydrates and DNA?  Or, conversely, is it how that external facade is packaged namely dress style, trimmings (body art, ink, etc), hair colour? Or, as a third alternative. is it how we think and behave that dictates and makes us who we are?  Our moral guidelines, our moral code?  Our beliefs? Could it be all of the above? I rather think so. After all, at the end of the day, our physical selves take instructions from our minds, our emotions.  How we feel manifests itself into how we conduct ourselves, how we appear in the eyes of the world. As I explain myself, I am also reminded of an impromptu conversation with a friend, Michael, just a fortnight ago.  This oh so articulate and creative friend revealed how he’d often …

What’s In A Name

Truly, I ask you. What’s in a name these days?   Cosmetic brands have been concocting all sorts of names for their lippies since the longest time ever. And it makes sense too given how saturated the landscape has become. Everyone appears to be releasing make-up lines from established players kicking out new collections, to names you’d typically associate with garments, not beauty, looking to cash in on a woman’s (neverending) pursuit of that perfect pout. It’s practically a new lippie a day. Actually, more. From a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. I’m as commitment phobic as the next woman when it comes to beauty purchases. Afterall, how many nude shades can one wear at any given time? And you can’t really be walking out of the house with smokey eyes every day because, you know, we crave variety. As such, most of us are hesitant to commit to palettes of colour but think nothing of forking out anything from $5 to $50 for what promises to prime and plump, and take us from …

All Grown Up

There are days when I eschew my natural instinct, and go for the adult version of Sheela.  It’s a rare occurrence but it happens. A truly brief post this will be, I’m a few hours shy of boarding that plane for New York City.  I’m scared and excited, anxious that I won’t be as well-dressed or stylish or skinny or, you know, as good as any of those experienced bloggers attending IFBCON ~ what if I get tongue-tied and become “that” one person nobody talks to???  ARRRGGGGHHHH I have to deal with my insecurities and my fears, and try to have as good a time as I possibly can 🙂 Love, SG p/s Outfit details ~ Harajuku top and Vintage Gold Tone Tie Necklace borrowed from Eve, Wool Pants with Leather/Buckle Cummerbund (thrifted), Vintage Gucci Doctor Bag (from my man last Valentine’s Day), Brass Spiked Cuffs (thrifted), and Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Ankle Boots with Ruffles (online)

It’s Official

I. Am. Freaked. Out. IFBCON is in 4 days and I haven’t packed.  Worse, I haven’t even planned what to pack. Pray for me, SG

Halfway Between Yellow And Green, And Everything In Between

“Chartreuse, the only liqueur so good they named a color after it” ~ Death Proof, a Quentin Tarantino flick. I do believe I lit up my surroundings with this outfit.  It’s all sorts of colourful, is it not?  There’s an entire parade going on yet it seems to work (that’s what I’m going with, anyways).  Eye-popping hues, effusive prints, stained glass effects, Bollywood cuff, oh and the hair.  Let’s not forget about the hair. Gah.  I’m still squinting, damnit. And then, there were those shoes.  I fell in love with them the moment I laid eyes upon those cathedral stained glass heels with that Royal Blue Suede upper.  In fact, my infatuation stretched across the purchase of two pairs, the second being with Black Suede.  Yes, insert sheepish grin here, I tend to do that.  Purchase things in multiples.  Particularly when it comes to shoes.  As though you didn’t already know that by now. Purple Wolf Head Pendant fashioned from Clay.  It’s from this amazing store called The Rogue & The Wolf which is in …

I’d Kill For These Shoes, Yes I Would

“The police have asked for my help. There’s been a murder.” “A murder! Oh, my. Let me just change my shoes,” Evie said excitedly. “It won’t be a minute.” ― Libba Bray, The Diviners My very first pair of Christian Louboutins. I’m all grown up now. Love, SG

You’re A Lucky Fella, Mr Smith

And we’re lucky too, to bear witness to your witty genius. Navy Floral Print Blazer. Signature Striped Mini Cufflinks. Grey Holger Loafers with IN YOUR FACE Acid Green Soles. Mr Brown Printed Scarf. Pink Birdy Socks. Mushroom Printed Shirt. Purple Hawaiian Trilby Hat. Paul’s Drawings Handkerchief (LOVE). Just a small selection of my personal Paul Smith favourites 🙂 don’t they put a smile on your face?  And isn’t that what fashion is supposed to do ~ evoke joy. Love, SG p/s all pieces available from the Paul Smith online store.

Bright Lights, Big City ~ Brrrrrr

I am very very VERY excited to share the news that yours truly will be attending the IFB Conference in New York City come early February!!  Right smack in the middle of Fashion Week too!!! So, being from the tropics and now living in Houston, I’m asking for tips and tricks from y’all on how to brave and survive Winter with style and panache.  To kickstart the process, I’ve, ahem, acquired these “necessities”. (from the top) Vintage 60s Reversible Mod Plaid Cape from Gypsies Rising, ultra avant garde Braided Shrug from Celapiu (love this sister duo design team), Vintage 70s Reversible Camel+Leopard Cape from Tiger Lily Frocks, and Vintage Space Bunny Tee from My Like Zoo of Hong Kong (ok, so this was an indulgence). I’ve also got the scarf and the puffy jacket and the super thick boots and ear muffs and gloves. What am I missing??? C’mon, ye worldly travellers and NYorkers alike, won’t you help a lass from Borneo who’s making her virgin foray into the Big Apple during the coldest time …