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Be it a fall from grace or lineage or even a downward spiral into madness, interpretation of the word “descent” is many a varied thing.  Here’s mine. A part of the Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge.  Did I hit the spot? Love, Sheela


Definition: converge Line breaks: con|verge Pronunciation: /kənˈvəːdʒ [ verb ]  1. Come together from different directions so as eventually to meet. Taken while on a walkabout around Old Town Spring, this proved perfect for my interpretation of a Daily Post challenge.  How did I do? Love, Sheela p/s feature image courtesy of Bad Apple


I’ve always been an accidental photographer but of late, I find myself reaching purposefully for the camera. Pointing and focusing steadily, with conviction, with passion. I like that feeling. My interpretation of Angular, a shutterbug gig organised by the Daily Post team. Your thoughts? Love, Sheela

A Question Of Time

This isn’t a timed writing piece born out of the need to complete a challenge. This is actually self-imposed. As I’d mentioned before, I’m rather enjoying writing within the confinements of a timeframe. I never know what will come out of my brain and into my hands as they type. One thing that’s dominant in my mind at this very moment is waterfalls. I don’t know why though. Not the sound of water gushing forth. Nor the imagery of beautiful blue water. Just the word waterfalls, imprinted on my mind and, I suppose, viewed through my mind’s eye. Isn’t that odd. Waterfall in graphic Black and White. And that’s another unusual thing because I always visualise and dream things in glorious technicolour. It’s something rare; I’ve been told. I’m glad. I can’t imagine not always seeing things in colour. It would be so sad. Now, I’m suddenly thinking birds. Hitchcock’s birds and how, for the longest time ever, the mere sight of a bird would have me scuttling for cover. Have you read the book? …

Of Flavours & Flowers

The concept of free writing used to scare me. Quite a lot. But after several attempts (here and here), I’ve come to realise that it’s really quite the best way to write. So spontaneous. I never have any idea what I’ll come up with and that’s the beauty of the entire process. Like right now. I’m typing as I’m waiting for the chicken to roast. My mini bread puddings are already on the table. Thank the lord they didn’t burn. I’ve never made savoury bread pudding before, let alone mini ones. { inserted three hours later } These mini savoury bread puddings were born out of the desire to finish a very stale loaf of Whole Wheat Bread and an equally lacklustre bag of frozen Spinach which had been cooked in the skillet once. Spinach which had seen better days, let’s just say. I cooked it with shallots and Andouille sausages, with generous sprinklings of Ground Chipotle Powder. Mixed that with the cubed bread, 4 eggs, some milk and some heavy cream. And a little …

Tick, Tock

In accordance with the powers that be over at The Daily Post, this is another timed writing piece for Writing 101. I’ve fallen so far behind that I can’t remember what day this assignment raised its ugly challenging head but I do believe it was Day 3? Previously, I was given 20 minutes, this time around, it’s 15. So here we go. I have this awful pain in my right shoulder. My surgeon says my rotator cuff is severely inflamed but not torn. And promptly gave me a steroid shot. Damn that hurt. Now, it hurts even more than pre-jab but he did pre-empt that would happen. I had an injection in my right knee as well. That’s a tad more dramatic because I’m now wearing a stiff brace which extends along almost the entire length of my leg PLUS I’m scheduled to have surgery next Thursday so yeah. I’m wondering how I’ll be able to totter around the first few days (if all goes well) in crutches. How I’ll make it up the stairs if …

Count One To Nine

The relationship between space, light and shadows fascinates me.   This post marks Day 05 (I’m really late, I know, this was meant for the 18th) of a 30-day initiative created by The Daily Post.  Brevity was the prompt and man, did that stump me. If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll know that being succinct isn’t my strongest suit. At all. Anyway, I did 9 words.

The I Was Trying To Come Up With A Smart Title Post

This post marks Day 01 (24 hours late) of a 30-day initiative created by The Daily Post.  These geniuses came up with Writing 101: Building A Blogging Habit.  For our initiation piece, we were commanded to loosen up, and write for 20 minutes.  To freely write without planned thought or reservation for 1200 seconds.  Here’s what I came up with.  And I only checked for spelling.  Pinkie swear.   What do I write?  This is a timed piece, 20 minutes to be precise. Step one, poise fingers above keyboard.  Step two, start typing.  And step three, pray most fervently that something appears.  I don’t think I have much to say though.  Spontaneous writing isn’t the issue, it’s the timed element which feels like a noose around my neck.  My mind is blank.  I have Chopped on the tv screen and the chefs have been tasked with transforming Root Beer Schnapps , Squash Blossoms and Ostrich Steak.  And some Lap Cheong which is Chinese sausage, I believe it’s a concoction of Pig’s Blood with Pork, deliciously …