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Put A Bow On It

Should you think bows and feathers, I’d be the very last person to come to mind.   And rightly so. Growing up, whenever my mum tried to pretty my ponytails or pigtails with ribbons, I’d snip them off as soon as her back was turned.  That same rule applied to my wardrobe.  Were there any laces or ruffles or trims or bows, a wee snippity snip, and they’d vanish.  Really, really.  Of course, being only 6 or 7 at the time, there were moments of miscalculation which inevitably resulted in what I shall forever lay claim to be strategically placed holes in my clothes.  Poor mum.  She’d wring her hands in despair even as my dad chuckled at the rabid ferocity with which I attacked those decorative binds and ties. Given such a premise, it’s no surprise that over the past 4 decades, I’ve steered very far away from adornments of this nature and given them the widest of berths. Particularly when you recall how vocal I’ve been on the concept of looking cute. Are …

Marvellous Marsala

Bold. Sensual. Decadent. Glamorous. Daring. Inviting. Carefree. Fun. Is Marsala truly all that?   Yes, and more. For me, it evokes a sensation of utter sensuality and femininity tempered with a hint of playfulness. The perfect hue of sexy. Throw in the the fact that finding a perfect maxi skirt is an ever daunting task for those of us who are somewhat vertically challenged. Therefore, when this piece loomed into my vision, I jumped. Added to cart and paid for it in under 20 seconds flat. There’s so much versatility in this piece, even if it’s Faux Leather, typically reserved for colder days. At the time these pictures were taken, it was still Winter and pairing that luscious waterfall of Marsala Leather Panels with a Knit Top from Kissue TX was serendipitous. With Spring finally here, I’m all for crisp shirts with oversized collars, or crop tops with a harness. Aaaah, Marsala, you’re so fine, you blow my mind. Have you indulged in the colour Marsala yet? Love, Sheela p/s all photos by Eve.