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I'm Such A Hypocrite | Sheela Writes

I’m Such A Hypocrite

I really am, you know. Possibly the world’s worse hypocrite.   I’d fully intended to write about a completely different topic today.  But here I am, sharing something very personal.  At the time of this post, my 17 year old daughter Eve is up at Yale attending a workshop.  I was thinking about her (the beginnings of empty nest syndrome, I know) and how much I missed her (I’ll probably need therapy when she goes away to university next year) when I remembered a very crucial turn in our relationship.  The moment I realised I was quite possibly the worst ever role model for her. I’LL EXPLAIN For reasons which only Eve has the right to divulge, she has been seeing a psychiatrist regularly for quite some time now.  I drive her.  We get there.  She goes to the back, where the office is.  I sit out front in the waiting area.  45 minutes later, she returns and we go home.  But a few months ago, something different happened.  This time, Eve emerges 5 minutes …

Faux Real

Fur has always been a point of contention in the catty dramatic world of fashion.   Some view as fur as being luxurious,  a symbol of social status more often than not associated with glamour, the fast life and lavish spending.  Yet others reject it due to moral beliefs and perceived cruelty to animals (British fashion designer and outspoken animal rights activist Stella McCartney comes to mind). Did you know that in terms of apparel construction, there are so many additional considerations when working with fur?  For instance, one has to be extraordinarily careful about weight, bulk and line.  Or that a toile for a fur coat has to be cut far larger than for a silk one?  It’s about the meticulous reassembly of small strips to preserve the continuity of the fur stripe and other features of the piece, resulting in a fabric of fur as versus an jigsaw puzzle of pelts and bits. Whatever your viewpoint on fur, the fact remains that it’s very striking, and undeniably unforgettable. While I’m neither for nor …


One of those mornings wherein couture meets high street. A Forever21 Jacket cum Sweatshirt with Hoody is the perfect foil for a stop-in-your-tracks-and-drool sunset-esque Helmut Lang tank. Throw in some leggings. Military Green Suede with Leather Buckles and Wood Wedge Heel Slouchy Boots. Some hardware on the fingers and wrist (the Rose Gold piece to the right is a gift from Eve and the Gold piece to the left is from my friend, Sheryl) and a smile or two. And that bold cuff? A a beautiful concoction from Leona Edmiston. It’s plaid fabric laidover with effervescent Orange Swarovskis. This was my ensemble for a tour of duty in the hardware store. You know what I mean, the Sunday Manday gig. We went home with several lamps, a few lights for the driveway and a brand new double oven stove. Bliss. I suppose it wasn’t just a man day in the end. Love, Sheela