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Of Tutus & David Bowie

Once upon a time, I too was enamoured of Ms Bradshaw and her wardrobe. In fact, I still am very much an aficionado. However, it wasn’t until now that I’ve plucked up sufficient courage to  don a tutu myself. And I must confess, it is such a liberating sensation. No, not because of the breezy, sweeping skirts, cheeky. There’s just something in being an adult wearing a not-all-that-grown-up tutu skirt. I love it. And then there’s Bowie. Mr Ziggy Stardust himself. The fashion adventurer of the 70s. The risk-taker. The icon. It was only fitting that le tutu should meet le Bowie. In my books, anyway. It was also time to showcase this amazing Kente Tribal Clutch I’d recently acquired. Is it not something else? The colours oh so vibrant and full of life. That baroque ring is a gift from Eve.  She knows me. This yellow beaded J Crew wonderment is both necklace and belt and layered bracelet and, for all intents and purposes, a headband today. Yes, those are the famed Jeffrey Campbell …

The 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

I received my invite by hand, but of course. Personally delivered by a line-up of eye candy boys men, all ripped and wearing tees so tight they left little to the imagination. How could I say no? It is, after all, the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As we all know, I’ve never been one to blend in with the sea of taffeta and lace and gowns and trinkets. Instead, I plan on taking the Janelle Monáe route. Jacket, Free People. Leggings, lord knows. Inner Chiffon Top, Stylemint. Lacy Bra, La Perla. Eye and cheek make-up from Wet n Wild, Smashbox Double Exposure, LORAC Afterglo and Kat Von D. Black Suede Heels with Ruffles, Bakers. Neckpiece, JCrew. Lipstick, MAC Heroine. Whirligig, all mine. Walking the tightrope of reality has never been more fun. See you at SAG tonight, 8/7c. Love, Sheela p/s As always, photo credits to Eve.