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An Actual #OOTD Post

When it comes to putting together an outfit post, in the absence of Eureka moments, here’s my default sequence of events:- > lay in bed the night before, mentally visualing outfits and trying to decide which accessories go with which, and generally working myself up to insomnia state > after a few fitful hours of sleep, I am up around 5am, and I go reheat the coffee my man brewed for me last night,  sip it slowly while trying to remember the set of outfits I’d finally settled on (between 3 to 4 looks, these last for a week until the next weekend shoot) > put on my Klorane Eye Patches to look as unpuffy as possible > lay down on the couch and wait for my photographer to wake up, our shoots usually start around 10.45am or thereabouts > put on an SK-II Mask around 9.30 to prep the face > paint my face put on my make-up > start shooting Note that during this entire process, it’s very likely everything I’d planned flies …

Swing Out, Sister

At this point, I think it’s clear that I’m a product of the 70s and one who loved thrived during the 80s British new wave music scene. I can’t help it. Sarawak is, after all, an ex-British colony. Not that any of that relates to my post save for the title, I’ll admit. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll swing out, if I wanna, sista GRIN that sounded wrong on every level, I know. In other news, these photographs were actually taken a little while ago and I somehow managed to forget they existed. Do you know, it’s the very first time I’m wearing a coat which isn’t Black. I’m loving it!!! And yes, it’s a little challenging to wear shorter skirts and heels when my knees are still recovering from surgery but then again, vanity trumps sanity. Incidentally, I’ve only just discovered a trick many a seasoned blogger has been leveraging on the longest time ever – the power of shades to not only hide tired eyes but also add some oomph to …

Of Pink, Plaid & Punk Chains

Dear Forever21, Lately, my every waking moment has been filled with thoughts of you.  Of the wondrous treasures that adorn your racks. I’m almost embarrassed (but not quite) to admit how many times your cash registers have rung for me over the past fortnight alone.  Or how they now know me by name at that specific F21 outlet.  Or that they text me when new stock in styles that appeal to me, arrive.   But how could I be blamed for an absolute lack of judgment in the face of such gloriousness? Surely, oh reader, you agree that resistance is absolutely futile under these circumstances? And that rational thought is, put simply, non existent? Shameless Sheela p/s Photos by Eve.  Slouchy Suede Boots from Shoedazzle.  Karla Deras Snakeskin Ring, Kate Spade Great Expectations Clutch and Chan Luu Liquid Metal Waterfall Necklace scored on Poshmark. pp/s And those, my friends, are the somewhat bloated bits of someone who’s just had knee surgery.  Trust me, they’re looking much better now 🙂