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One of the things I am intent on doing this year is to wear things I usually wouldn’t.   Pieces that I’d typically take one look and then shake my head saying, that’s not me.  Or I’m going to look stupid in that.  Fat.  Ugly.  No way. Call it a style resolution of sorts.  And a pencil skirt is one such item of clothing.  I know, I see you pencil skirt groupies all shaking your heads in disbelief.  I see you. Cut me some slack though.  I am attempting it now. It took quite a while to find that perfect cut.  Perfect fit.  Perfect marriage of fabrics. The perfect juxtaposition of hard with soft. I believe I’ve found the one. And yes, this post is a blatant tribute to Mr Bowie.  May our dreams and thoughts be eternally overflowing with magical stardust and neon rainbow colours. You are missed, Ziggy. Love, Sheela {  photos by Eve  } Linking up with Mix It Mondays, Mingle Monday, Favourite Fashion Friday, Fabulous Friday, Dallas Style Blog, Sincerely Jenna …

Because I’ve Been A Fake & In Other News, Lace Is My Summer Must-Have

I owe each and every single one of you an apology. I really do.   Of late, I’ve fallen out of love with clothes and styling myself, and it’s shown in the way I’ve thrown things together. There’s been an absolute lack of creativity and passion in the outfits I’ve worn. Nothing looks effortless (save maybe that red dress), and I’m nowhere near enjoying myself. Life has taken a huge toll and you’ve been paying the price for that. You shouldn’t need to and for that, I am really really sorry. No matter what’s been going on in my personal life, fashion and clothes should always be a form of stress relief. A detox, if you like. Something I do to maintain my sanity and have fun. Always with loads of fun. When the fun is no longer apparent, that’s when I know I need to step away and re-evaluate. Which is precisely what I did and it, in turn, led me to come to the conclusion that I’ve been shortchanging you. I’ve been faking …

Marvellous Marsala

Bold. Sensual. Decadent. Glamorous. Daring. Inviting. Carefree. Fun. Is Marsala truly all that?   Yes, and more. For me, it evokes a sensation of utter sensuality and femininity tempered with a hint of playfulness. The perfect hue of sexy. Throw in the the fact that finding a perfect maxi skirt is an ever daunting task for those of us who are somewhat vertically challenged. Therefore, when this piece loomed into my vision, I jumped. Added to cart and paid for it in under 20 seconds flat. There’s so much versatility in this piece, even if it’s Faux Leather, typically reserved for colder days. At the time these pictures were taken, it was still Winter and pairing that luscious waterfall of Marsala Leather Panels with a Knit Top from Kissue TX was serendipitous. With Spring finally here, I’m all for crisp shirts with oversized collars, or crop tops with a harness. Aaaah, Marsala, you’re so fine, you blow my mind. Have you indulged in the colour Marsala yet? Love, Sheela p/s all photos by Eve.

Monday Mix (Final Line-Up Of Frou Frou For 2012)

Ah, to own even a single item from this week’s Monday Mix.  Le sigh.  Le sigh of infinite bliss. (left to right, clockwise from top) Alexander McQueen Final Collection Angel Jacket from Shrimpton Couture, Hand-Dyed Silk, Tulle & Leather Poetic Aviator Dress from Lumme Designs, Anne Demeulemeester Black Wedge Ankle Boots, Shrimpton&Marketa Handmade Vintage French Fabric Clutch available here, Hammered Textured Copper Ram Cuff from Hammerhead Designs and Alexander McQueen Enameled Skull Bangle from Net-a-Porter. Love, SG p/s I’m the proud owner of four garments from the genius known as Tiina who’s the brains behind Lumme Designs. pp/s My next buy?  That cuff.  Oh yeah so don’t try sneaking it away from you.  I got mah eye on you.

Monday Mix

                                          (left to right) Marc Jacobs Silk-Faille Top, Clements Ribeiro Printed Silk Skirt, Moschino Cheap & Chic Ruffled Silk Coat, Louboutin Metallic Gold Leather Booties. This entire ensemble is absolutely NOTHING I’ve ever worn in my entire life.  Nope, not even the boots because mine are all, err, super high?  Should I consider incorporating some lower heels?  What about you?  What kind of shoes do you prefer? Love, SG