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Sunset Years | Sheela Writes

Sunset Years

Ageing and getting older. The golden chapters of one’s life.   It seems I’ve been talking about growing old up quite a bit lately. Could it be I’m beginning to feel the strain of attempting to vinify like fine wine?  I realise there will come a day when sheetmasks can no longer eradicate the aftermath of a scant 3, 4 hours of sleep or (she quietly confesses), the consequences of going to bed without removing the gunk from one’s face.  When the lure of a needle may very well silence the fear of judgement and appeal to the narcissist in me which, I’m well aware, lurks barely below the surface of my vanity. I suspect all these thoughts have to do with several factors, not the least being that end this month, I intend to go for a procedure called CoolSculpting. HOLD THE BULLETS I LOOK CROSS-EYED IN THE FIRST PICTURE GRIN So, yes, hold your fire. It’s been on my mind for some time.  This weight that I’ve gained.  Over the past 12 months, …

Glum Day RX – Loubies

It’s painstakingly, well, painful, for me to keep a straight face when shooting outfit pictures. I can’t help myself. I try oh so hard to put on that “cool bitch girl face”, be all glam and nonplussed but inadvertently, my goofy side comes out to play. Especially on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t know it’s mandatory supposed to shine on. Interesting discovery – Loubies aren’t just made for walking and eliciting orgasmic gasps from onlookers. They’re also quite the remedy for a dreary day. Look at what they made me do. I suppose I could try harder to, you know, look blasé. Nonchalant, even, so long as  at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror (or at photos) and reconcile myself with the catchpenny version staring right back at me. Do you think #ootd shots should be magazine-esque or imperfectly candid? Do you ham it up for the camera too? Love, Sheela p/s Photos by Eve, thumb rings a gift from her.  Dress from Forever21 (sold out, options here and …

Monday Mix

                                          (left to right) Marc Jacobs Silk-Faille Top, Clements Ribeiro Printed Silk Skirt, Moschino Cheap & Chic Ruffled Silk Coat, Louboutin Metallic Gold Leather Booties. This entire ensemble is absolutely NOTHING I’ve ever worn in my entire life.  Nope, not even the boots because mine are all, err, super high?  Should I consider incorporating some lower heels?  What about you?  What kind of shoes do you prefer? Love, SG