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Lord Animal Print, Meet Lady Neon

Staying grounded. How does one do that these days?   A shared insight on one of Deb’s Instagram posts sparked an entire conversation around the topic of grounded.  Staying grounded.  How we strive to attain it in this mad, mad world.  What it means to each of us which, by the way, has had me pondering.  What does staying grounded even mean to me?  I know I use the phrase on occasion.  I’ve heard it spoken around me many a time and am (always) guilty of nodding my head in acquiescence without once asking the one who mouthed those words, what staying grounded really meant to them. Are we talking about being spiritually grounded?  You know, all that warm, fuzzy feeling around the campfire (can you tell I’m a bit of a cynic?)?  Or being emotionally grounded (levelheaded, humble)?  Or are speaking in terms of experience, education, knowledge?  Lord.  So much to soak in. Today, I choose to focus on living a grounded life, staying in touch with my emotions and thoughts, and, well, being …

I Am Weak

Forgive me, shoe gods, I have (once again) sinned. Le Objet du Désir. DANNIJO Zeppelin Boots.  Black.  Neon.  Glitter.  Cut-outs.  Combat Style.  Can you really blame me?   Love, SG Footnote:  I purchased these here, they were on sale from $325 and I ended up paying under $100.  Good times.