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A Few Thoughts

730 days ago (I skipped this year, apparently), even as I shared my To Do List, I knew that many things were still left unwritten. And I’m glad 🙂 for me, a life that’s predictable isn’t a life worth living at all, yes? Back to the list, let’s see what my updates are:- 1) Attempt running – done and one. Before knee surgery, I was running on the middle school track regularly, and rather enjoying myself. I’ve tried the odd marathon but it’s hard when your legs are just inclined to go faster, faster, faster. I’m not claiming to be Olympic material (snort) but I know I’m simply not cut out for long distance pacing. (2) Eat a green or two or three – accomplished. Sorta. I do eat the occasional Spinach and Kale and Cabbage. Hey, cruciferous veggies are still veggies. On that note, though, I realise I need to change things. Not simply eat better but smarter. I recently received my DNAfit results (they were creepily accurate) and I now know the sort of …

Sheela’s List Of (Hopeful) To Dos For 2013

So here they are, in random order:-                                     (1) Attempt running (2) Eat a green or two or three (3) Bitch less ~ well, bitch quietly (4) Wear more blues and greens and yellows (5) Read blogs other than my own (6) Tackle flats (ya, right) (7) Get another tattoo (8) Learn to love my freckles (yes, they’re freckles not age spots) (9) Bake my first bread (10) Love more What are yours?  Tell me tell me tell me!! Love, SG p/s the photo isn’t a show of narcissism … well maybe a tad BUT they’re more to illustrate point (8) xoxo