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Fee, Fi, Faux Fur

I love fairy tales ~ does it show? I’m still getting to know my Coral Painter Lite. (trying to) Strike A Pose Brown Faux Fur Shrug worn with a stunning Hi-Low Jersey Black Top which features brass skulls.  I paired these two exquisite garments with sleek Black Leggings and killer Nikita Boots. Brass Choker/Necklace with Fool’s Gold and Chains a-plenty. See those skulls??  LOVE LOVE LURVE. Vintage Ferragamo Bag. A gift from my man, this is one of my all time favourite bags – a vintage Ferragamo featuring gorgeous wild animals, leather and some hardware.  Just phenomenal. From the back. See how beautifully that Jersey top drapes?  And yes, I have red hair 😀 Seated. Trying to act all cool and nonchalant as only a 40 year old can. Femme Fatale Boots. Another (perfectly chosen) gift from the man ~ what can I say, he’s from Italy 🙂 And that’s all there is for now, there isn’t anymore. Love, SG

Give A Girl The Right Shoes & She Can Conquer The World

Walk Tall, Walk Proud And that’s the Gospel truth. Love, SG

Pre-Thanksgiving Baking (aka The Tale Of Pilfered Cookies)

The scene pre-Thanksgiving. The raw ingredients. Yes, I have a red mixer. Yums. Picture perfect pastry poofs. Me want cookie. Where cookie go? YOU!!!! I’m making Chocolate Chip Cookies, or so I think.  I bake a batch, I leave them on the cooling rack, I come back with the second batch and baked sweeties are gone.  Perpetrator completely without remorse.  Incidentally, this happens four more times (one batch for each child and a fourth for the man).  I throw my hands up in the air in exasperation and bake no more.  For that day. Love, SG

Quick Shoe Post

Vintage Inspired Brown Riding Boots With Laced-Up Fronts & Side Zippers Black Slingbacks With Silver Spikes & Skulls Mod A La Twiggy Print & Colour Rainbow Laced-Up Booties Neon Pink Laced-Up Booties With Buckles & Studs Rust Brown Wedge Booties With Laced-Up Fronts & Spikes Princess Of The Universe Metallic Silver Patent Peep-Toe Heels I’ve been remiss, I know.  And there’s a special place in (style) hell for people like me, y’all (and yet another different kind of hell for Asians who attempt to talk Texan, le sigh).  It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging or, perhaps far more importantly, figured out what I wanted to write.  Life has been pretty hectic of late, and I just could not get around to doing everything I wanted to.  So, I’m praying fervently that I’ll be able to cough up multiple posts today, as acts of contrition, for having missed posting on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I shan’t promise that they’ll be as sequential (or chronological) as they ought to be but I give you …

Friday, Funday ~ Bless This Mess

                It is what it is. TGIF, all. Love, SG