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You Spin Me

Like a record, baby Right round, round, round   Who else loves disco?  I love disco.  Not necessarily the entire spectrum of disco music and disco style but certainly a bit here, a bit there.  I love me some Boney M, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and who could forget that kickass of an anthem from Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive. Appropriate much for a Monday post, yes? WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU CAN ONLY MAKE YOU STRONGER Start-of-a-new-week-grind aside, I felt compelled to touch on the topic of disco not because this post focuses on that era but rather, because, to me, my shoes look like disco balls with heels. Or, from another angle, they could easily pass as shards of glass which may actually come across as being far edgier than disco balls.  Incidentally, this look is a perfect representation of how I put together an outfit, i.e., around my shoes.  It’s something which happens very frequently with me, and, I do fancy, not that rare an occurrence for many of us.  Come to think …