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Of Words & Waistlines

What is she talking about?? Where’s the correlation between the two?   Allow me to explain. There are blogs which feature the prettiest of pictures, the most stylish of looks, and hardly anything else at all.  Perhaps a sprinkling of words, scattered in a seemingly sporadic fashion but which are, on the contrary, strategically placed to encourage impulse clicks purchases all in the name of affiliate marketing.  Which tickles your fancy the most?  Are you a look, see and move on sort of reader?  Or do you buy into the substance (or cringe at the lack thereof) of a well-written post? I’m personally rather partial to a piece which contains more than jpegs, no matter how beautiful they may be (as if you didn’t already know that).  For as long as I can remember, prose (particularly that of a lyrical nature) holds a very special place in my heart.  I suppose one could attempt to disprove the theory that words are indeed mightier than the sword but then again, why wage a war one cannot …

Monday Mix

                                (left to right) Marni Bird Cashmere Sweater, McQueen Wing Leggings, Skaist-Taylor Peach Mongolian Lamb Cropped Jacket, Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Encrusted Spiked Wedge Booties, Jason Wu Embroidered Clutch, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Bib Collar This, more or less, is the kind of outfit I would typically put together for a school run.  Yes, spikes and faux fur et all.  Maybe not the clutch since Eve makes me carry her lunch bag.  Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures of my interpretation of this look so let’s see what transpires, eh? Love, SG