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Grateful Eats

With the onset of Turkey day, my consumption of Prilosec and/or Alka Seltzer tends to be on the upswing. I’m given to understand it happens to most, and to the best, of us during this time of the year. While that does nothing to placate the inner workings of my gastrointestinal system, it does make for some form of consolation. So what, you might ask, is my culinary strategy to surviving Thanksgiving 2014? This is when I go along the less is more route meaning let there be variety and a conservative hand when serving portions upon my plate. Here’s what’s on the menu tomorrow. The gastronomical orgy commences with cornbread stuffing and gravy (made way ahead cos that’s how we roll). A ménage à trois of pies is always sexy. This year, the line-up is comprised of Apple, Pumpkin and, making its debut appearance, Sweet Spud. Mac n Cheese makes an appearance every last Thursday of November because Eve is a huge fan. And she’s scary when her tummy rumbles. Happily adding to the calorie …

R Is For The Renaissance Festival (never ever again)

So after three long years, I finally made it to the annual Texas Renaissance Festival.  This is a series of eight themed weekends beginning from October and culminating with a Celtic Christmas 3-day weekend just around Thanksgiving.  It. Is. Massive. Hundreds of costumed performers and close to 400 shops spread across a charming 55-acre village about 1.5 hours from Houston.  The drive itself was uneventful, just me and the husband and Eve and her friend Rachel. We got to meander along shaded cobblestone walkways, browsing little shops overflowing with unique arts and crafts,  and here’s the kicker, I managed to refrain from buying every single thing in sight!!  I limited myself to just two tops, well, one tee and one cardigan.  And to sampling some rather delicious fare. Then there was the entertainment 🙂 well, one part of it anyways.  Like I said, this place is GINORMOUS. Another act we caught snippets of was Clan Tynker ~ a 5 member performing troupe, all family. We then all tried our hand at archery ~ err, not …

Pre-Thanksgiving Baking (aka The Tale Of Pilfered Cookies)

The scene pre-Thanksgiving. The raw ingredients. Yes, I have a red mixer. Yums. Picture perfect pastry poofs. Me want cookie. Where cookie go? YOU!!!! I’m making Chocolate Chip Cookies, or so I think.  I bake a batch, I leave them on the cooling rack, I come back with the second batch and baked sweeties are gone.  Perpetrator completely without remorse.  Incidentally, this happens four more times (one batch for each child and a fourth for the man).  I throw my hands up in the air in exasperation and bake no more.  For that day. Love, SG