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My 2016 Manifesto

How often have we preached that age should never be a deterrent to anything?   2016 is the year that I vow to advocate this mantra throughout every single act of every single day.  Acts which might seem nondescript or even trivial to some but for me, will be momentous (if somewhat tremulous, tentative) steps towards being the person I was meant to be. ACROSS BLOG. PERSONAL LIFE. AS WIFE AND AS MOTHER. To be more genuine. To be more present. To understand, and accept, that things grow, and change. And if that change leads me in the direction I was meant to take, to not fight it. To produce work that is honest and truthful. To stop being apologetic for sharing personal issues, thoughts and opinions in a seemingly public forum. To know when to take a moment to pause and rest. And to not apologise for that either. To regain perspective. Write to the best of my abilities. To remove myself from stats, expectations and perceptions, and, quite simply, to live the fullest …

Being Different Is A Good Thing

Even as a teenager, I stood out because of the way I dressed. The way I styled my hair. The way I look. I mean, I have freckles for crying out loud. And when I did use it, the make-up on my face. I’m digging for photographic evidence but basically, my style of dressing emulated that of the amazing Anita Mui. Just do a quick search on Google for how she styled herself during the 80s and you’ll understand my groupie feelings where she was concerned. I wore harem pants in the late 80s. Pixie boots in a country wherein the only seasons we had were dry and hot, and wet and hot. This was also the time I very happily painted my lips Black and swished around in ankle length skirts (in Black, but of course) as homage to Robert Smith. I recalled odd looks aplenty and how my parents would be ever so often asked why I did the things I did. They, bless their hearts, never once mocked or ridiculed anything I …

And The Award Goes To … Me!!!

There are awards and there are awards. There are those which, to be perfectly candid, irk me in their somewhat pesky nature, not dissimilar to chain letters and mass advertisements. And there are still others which appear wishy washy and dubious. Today, however, I’m talking about the Versatile Blogger Award which, my friends, is no insipid title of a suspicious nature. It is, in fact, a credible, prestigious recognition, one for which I am truly thankful to have received, thanks to the incredibly lovely Kirsten of The LIFB Issue. If you have not yet explored her blog, you are missing out.  Really, really. How it works 1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to her blog. 2. Share 7 things about yourself (perhaps little known facts?). 3. Name 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered or perhaps already follow regularly. 4. Nominate those 10 bloggers in turn for the Versatile Blogger Award. 7 things about myself 1. I’m ambidextrous. Growing up, I figured if I learned to write with both hands, should I …

Posting Frequently: When Does It Turn Into Spam?

Digital marketeers, (so-called) social media gurus, bloggers, corporations, and sundry, have all struggled with this quandry. What is the ideal posting frequency to keep your audience engaged, interested, and when does it veer from that to, well, spamming? As I write this, I realise I’ve made an unconscious decision to post no more than once a day. In fact, I pace myself (with calendar in tow) to avoid that little click of the mouse all bloggers fear, unfollow. Yet I see the likes of London Beauty Queen and A Cup Of Jo often posting twice a day, sometimes even thrice, and they’re wildly successful (A Cup Of Jo has over 43k followers on FaceBook alone, London Beauty Queen 32k on Twitter). The multi-post-a-day approach appears to be working for them/their brand. That said, every brand clearly has its own agenda and objectives, with an accompanying strategy towards achieving them. It is this very diversity which keeps us all continuously confused. On one hand, you have those posting no more than twice a week, pulling in …


Pink streaks across the sky, lighting up the morning. Such a beautiful time to be alive, I continue on dreaming.   Chansonette \shahn-saw-NET; English shan-suh-NET\ noun 1. French. a little song; ditty. p/s Not the most poetic but hey, it’s a midweek, spontaneous ditty I wanted to share GRIN

Planning A Plan

Sunday, oh Sunday, how quickly you arrive!! Many of us use this day not merely to relax and rejuvenate but also to plan.  I know I do. Sunday is when I try to infuse some order into the coming week (at this point, I must confess that most bits usually only last up to end of Monday, at best, but hey, I take what I can get). A typical plan involves:- Breakfast for the children the next morning – weekday fare alternates between toast (with scrambled eggs and Pesto spread for her, with Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly for him alongside a cup of Greek Yoghurt), French Toast, and sausages, bacon and mini bread rolls.  The man and I make do with either Cereal + Lactose Free Milk or scrambled egg whites with diced tomatoes, and some fruit. School Lunch – I take it easier in the beginning of the week and prepare something like Agnolotti or Tortellini.  In our bid to eat cleanly, the adults have Poached Chicken Breast or some fish or turkey …

The Eleventh Commandment

According to those in the know, that is. Amen to that. Love, SG

Just To Be Clear

I am not a blogger. I am a writer. I am a writer and I have things to say. Who are you? Love, SG

Pause. Stop. Live.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Love, Sage Sheela ~ image taken from the National Geographic ~

A Thought

“The only place where poverty should be is in museums.” That’s telling them. Love, SG