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Does Pink Really Exist | Sheela Writes

Does Pink Really Exist?

Is Pink a made-up colour? Is it even real?   Or simply the act of wishful thinking, our brain blending red and violet wavelengths together to create the colour of many little girls’ birthday parties? And I’m not talking about the artiste once known as Alecia Moore. I’m also surmising that you’re somewhat bewildered by the title of this post since my covershot has absolutely no pink whatsoever in it. At all. Perhaps these subsequent images will be of some help. And while it’s perfectly true that no single wavelength of light appears pink, and that pink requires an amalgamation of both red as well as violet lights, does that equate a drummed-up, imaginary existence for what Pantone has coined as one of the two colours of 2016? I’m not so sure. Further food for thought: colour itself is merely an interpretation presented by our brain, meaning no other colour is really out there.  Colour is a sensation which arises in your head.  It’s how you interpret it then name it and, consequently, categorise it. …