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Leo, Meet Camo

Emboldened by my recent foray into the magical wonderland of colour and print, I tried something new today.   I paired two prints which, under normal non kaleidoscope-laced days, I would never ever have placed together within a 10 mile radius let alone allow them to cohabit within the same outfit.  I’m making reference to larger than life leopard patterns and the equally loud camouflage print.  Did I hear a gasp?  Or two?  I don’t blame you.  Not even in my wildest of sartorial dreams did I imagine this combination would work but here they are, making merry and rather nicely at that, I might add. Let’s talk about Leo first. This Cape was such a find.  An ultra rare find, I should say.  It’s authentic 1960s and came with original tags (somewhat faded because of age, oooh, chills) as well as a bag of extra buttons.  But those aren’t what make this piece such an amazing treasure. No, my friend.  What makes this cape a rarity is how it’s completely reversible.  One side being …

Fuzzy, Shaggy, Furry Baby

You’ve heard me gripe about Houston’s schizophrenic weather before and how temperatures can soar into dizzily hot levels, even during Winter.  In truth, I don’t get many opportunities to wear anything thick since sweater weather doesn’t happen all that often in the South.  However, that has not been the case over the last week or so. Thank you lord.   From now until the middle of next week (insert groan), I’ll have my pick of the fuzzy, the shaggy and the furry which I love.  Today was a little on the warmer side so it wasn’t quite the moment to go full tilt bundled up (Asian dumplings don’t do too well in that department seeing how we’re very often too vertically challenged to pull off as many layers, unless, of course, you’re Chriselle, jelly) so I went with a token touch of faux fur. It’s a grandfather cardigan.  Point of trivia – the cardigan was named after  James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who led the Charge of the Light …

All Grown Up

There are days when I eschew my natural instinct, and go for the adult version of Sheela.  It’s a rare occurrence but it happens. A truly brief post this will be, I’m a few hours shy of boarding that plane for New York City.  I’m scared and excited, anxious that I won’t be as well-dressed or stylish or skinny or, you know, as good as any of those experienced bloggers attending IFBCON ~ what if I get tongue-tied and become “that” one person nobody talks to???  ARRRGGGGHHHH I have to deal with my insecurities and my fears, and try to have as good a time as I possibly can 🙂 Love, SG p/s Outfit details ~ Harajuku top and Vintage Gold Tone Tie Necklace borrowed from Eve, Wool Pants with Leather/Buckle Cummerbund (thrifted), Vintage Gucci Doctor Bag (from my man last Valentine’s Day), Brass Spiked Cuffs (thrifted), and Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Ankle Boots with Ruffles (online)

Acquisitions, Acquisitions, Acquisitions

Let me clarify that I am NOT a brand snob.  Nope, nope, nope.  I love and covet, with equal levels of lust, both indie labels as well as haute couture treasures.  And, let’s be honest, most of us can’t afford to dish out that sort of money for luxury pieces, even as we continue to live in hope.  Which is why the accessibility proffered by the likes of Etsy and eBay are priceless beyond, well, price tags. This authentic and genuinely amazing Vintage Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Denim Jacket was a gift from my man for Christmas. So too this glorious Fabric + Snakeskin + Crocodile Bag from Cavalli.  I am blessed to have married someone who understands and indulges in my “hoarding”.  Both the Westwood and Cavalli were purchased here. Now this beautiful Isabel Marant Mesh Tank Dress isn’t vintage but it’s gorgeous and so versatile.  Can you believe this is my very first garment from the House of Marant?  Yes, I am hanging my head in shame.  Purchased from a diehard aficionado of IM …

Monday Mix (Final Line-Up Of Frou Frou For 2012)

Ah, to own even a single item from this week’s Monday Mix.  Le sigh.  Le sigh of infinite bliss. (left to right, clockwise from top) Alexander McQueen Final Collection Angel Jacket from Shrimpton Couture, Hand-Dyed Silk, Tulle & Leather Poetic Aviator Dress from Lumme Designs, Anne Demeulemeester Black Wedge Ankle Boots, Shrimpton&Marketa Handmade Vintage French Fabric Clutch available here, Hammered Textured Copper Ram Cuff from Hammerhead Designs and Alexander McQueen Enameled Skull Bangle from Net-a-Porter. Love, SG p/s I’m the proud owner of four garments from the genius known as Tiina who’s the brains behind Lumme Designs. pp/s My next buy?  That cuff.  Oh yeah so don’t try sneaking it away from you.  I got mah eye on you.